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The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 071: Create raving, loyal guests!

September 23, 2019

How Technology Helps Restaurants Build Long-Term Guests

September 18, 2019

How restaurants attract customers is usually by providing excellent food and positive staff manners. But reaching to potential customers and promoting the features of your place, may sometimes sound like rocket science.

The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 070: Grab guests attention online!

September 9, 2019

Restaurant Technology Through the Decades

September 6, 2019

The basic restaurant business model with which we are familiar today has been around for more than two centuries. But restaurant technology has been improving its operations for almost as long.

The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 069: What’s new with the Guys?

August 30, 2019

Increase Tips and Encourage Repeat Business with Receipt Marketing

August 27, 2019

Long gone are the days when the simple till or credit card receipt was no more than a straightforward, albeit very important, record of a transaction. Used imaginatively, today’s restaurant POS systems open up a whole new world of business potential through the use of receipt marketing. Promoting loyalty programs, coupons and one-off events are just a few of the ways in which receipts can be used to drive extra revenue, and they can also help increase tips for staff. Why the Restaurant Industry is Seeing a Revolution in the Role of the Humble Receipt POS systems featuring handheld tablets for staff and sometimes touchscreens for customers are rapidly replacing pencil and paper as the prime means of taking orders. So perhaps it shouldn’t beContinue Reading …

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