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144. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 144 – Envysion

May 23, 2022

Restaurant Operators are overwhelmed and need additional detail from their current software and systems. Envysion integrates with the cameras and tools they already have and gives real-time insights into their business resulting in the full picture to run an efficient and profitable business.

Envysion a Motorola Solutions Company, is a managed video software solution integrating recorded video and audio with in-store data such as point-of-sale, business intelligence, inspection software, and alarm verification systems. Operators use the software solution to reduce loss, mitigate risk, transform operating culture, reduce employee turnover, and secure brand promise with actionable information to drive better management decisions.

143. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 143 – Hospitality Var Thomas Greenman from Skurla POS talks restaurant tech adoption

May 16, 2022

Join Jeremy and Thomas Greenman Thomas Greenman | LinkedIn where they talk restaurant technology adoption. Thomas is co-owner and VP of Sales at Skurla’s.

Mission:  Partnering with Alaskans to help their business thrive by delivering exceptional value, excellent customer service, and a single source for point of sale, payment processing and IT solutions.

142. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 142 – Chups

May 9, 2022

First Online Marketplace Connecting Culinary Creators With Restaurants to Launch Menus in New Markets. 

A conversation with Irfan Mohammed, Co-Founder of Chups. Before founding Chups, Irfan’s focus was resolving unique consumer challenges with digital innovations for brands like Tesla and Johnson & Johnson.
Chups is the first to give culinary creators and independent restaurants the power to collaborate on creating and selling trending dishes to niche fan bases across various neighborhoods. By eliminating barriers to entry, this newly launched marketplace generates revenue for all. Unlike other existing platforms and third party services, Chups focuses on the back of the house and improving the bottom line for the restaurant industry. 

The restaurant industry is poised for change in a post-Pandemic world and there needs to be better opportunities for creators and restaurants to collaborate and better serve their ideal customers. Chups supports food bloggers, recipe developers, chefs and any other culinary creator out there by helping them connect with their existing audiences in the real-world and by finding new audiences for their food as well.

By working with independent restaurants across various communities, Chups wants to be able to give the small businesses of the industry a real fighting chance against the big and dark cloud kitchens that do little to build a better ecosystem in which everyone can thrive. Delivery-only brands working in dark kitchens continue to toil without any of the fulfilling benefits of running a restaurant, and small independent restaurants are left scrambling trying to compete in the digital space with their outdated menus and dishes.

Chups is the ONLY online marketplace making the restaurant industry more accessible, affordable and fair for creators to launch their menus and for restaurants to host new customers. While solving the issue of underutilized resources and slim margins, Chups helps independent restaurants get out from under the distorted convenience culture created through cloud kitchens, and gives consumers the opportunity to support new creators and diverse restaurant businesses.

Culinary Creators, click here to join and get early access to the platform. Host Restaurants, click here to join and start partnering with culinary brands today. 
Follow Chups for updated and delicious food @chupsmarketplace on Instagram and Facebook. 

141. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 141 – Christopher Sebes

April 25, 2022

Join Jeremy and Christopher Sebes where they talk about the history of restaurant technology. Connect with him Christopher Sebes | LinkedIn

Christopher Sebes is a widely respected restaurant technology entrepreneur, CEO, Advisor and Board Member. He has dedicated his career to hospitality management and technology.

He graduated from Portsmouth University School of Hotel Management in 1975. He managed 5- star hotels in South Africa, Morocco, and Kenya before transitioning to the restaurant business, managing multi-unit restaurant operations in Europe and the United States.

Having created Twenty20 Visual Systems, the first-ever Microsoft Windows POS company which was sold to Radiant Systems in 1998, he went on to found Xpient Solutions, where he served as CEO until its sale to Heartland Payments in late 2014. As President of Xenial (formerly Heartland Commerce) Sebes led the acquisition of several restaurant technology companies and created a cross-platform cloud solution which continues to provide technology to more than half the top 50 brands in the QSR and Fast-Casual segments.

Having stepped away from Global Payments, the acquirer of Heartland, in mid 2019, Sebes has devoted his time to consulting for several technology companies until joining Novadine in 2022.

Sebes’ thought leadership as to the growing and future role of technology in the restaurant industry and his extensive knowledge of restaurant brands and strategy has led to several board and advisory roles in the Restech sector.

140. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 140 – Wisetail, how to use an LMS to train staff

April 11, 2022

Join Jeremy and Wisetail CEO Ali Knapp where they talk about different ways to educate your staff to create the best guest experience possible. People learn in diverse ways. Wisetail accommodates different learning styles all while facilitating the best restaurant LMS + LXP features.

To check them out go to

139. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 139 – Delivering The Digital Restaurant With Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn

March 28, 2022

Join Jeremy and special guests Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn. Meredith Sandland & Carl Orsbourn are authors of the recently published Delivering the Digital Restaurant as they join host Jeremy Julian to talk restaurant digitization.  Consumers are demanding change.  Although the most obvious change is customer-facing ordering UI/UX, the changes are reverberating throughout restaurants as they race to update their entire operating model. Check out their new book at Book exploring the future of restaurants | Delivering the Digital Restaurant.

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