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220. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 220 – Leverage First-Party Data with Vericast’s NXTDRIVE: A Game Changer for Restauranteurs

February 19, 2024

Every restaurateur seeks to drive customer growth through tailored and effective marketing strategies, unsuccessfully at times. However, Vericast exclusively presents a solution, enabling restaurants to harness on-ground customer data effectively. Their groundbreaking product – NXTDRIVE, designed specifically for data targeting and marketing, could revolutionize how restaurants fundamentally approach their marketing strategies. Understanding Each Customer, One Household at a Time Being one of the leaders in the print media space, Vericast provides critical insights on household level preferences, helping marketers craft more effective messaging. This knowledge extends to understanding households’ digital engagement patterns too. Fusing both these data segments presents a well-rounded picture of prospective customers. One of Vericast’s main focus areas is everything digital. From display advertising, video integration on YouTube channels to distributionContinue Reading …

219. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 219 – How to Turn Your Restaurant into a Media Powerhouse: Insights from Shawn Walchef

February 12, 2024

Introduction In this world of technology and telecommunication, restaurants have more opportunities to grow their brand than ever before. Yet, some may ask, “how exactly can restaurants leverage their businesses into media powerhouses?” In this article, we discuss how to accomplish this feat, using the insights of Shawn Walchef, the seasoned owner of Cali BBQ Media, as shared on the Restaurant Technology Guys podcast. Meet the Speakers Jeremy Julian, the host of the Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast, sat down with Shawn Walchef, the highly successful owner of the Californian-based Cali BBQ Media for an exciting conversation. Walchef, known for turning his BBQ eatery into an efficient, sprawling digital media company, generously shared his nuggets on how restaurants can wield the power of digital mediaContinue Reading …

218. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 218 – Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn Marketing: A Conversation with Justin Ulrich

February 5, 2024

Introduction In the rapidly evolving world of business and marketing, the importance of having an effective online presence cannot be overstated. For B2B enterprises and a growing number of B2C businesses, LinkedIn has become a territory ripe for exploration and development. In a recent candid conversation with Jeremy Julian, Justin Ulrich, a marketing head at Evocalize, yields meaningful insights into how best to navigate LinkedIn’s treacherous yet reward-filled waters. Social Media Superhero: An Introduction to Justin Ulrich Justin Ulrich has led a fascinating career. From working a blue-collar job as an electrician straight out of high school to exploring the realms of tax accounting before finally finding his footing in marketing, his journey has been nothing short of an adventure. Currently heading the marketingContinue Reading …

217. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 217 – Introducing PopcornGTM: Revolutionizing Restaurant Tech by Clear Communication

January 29, 2024

In an era inundated with numerous technological solutions, cutting through the noise and reaching your target audience can be a massive challenge. This issue is all-too-real for booming enterprises in the restaurant technology sector. However, a new player on the scene, PopcornGTM, is bringing a fresh approach to help such businesses talk more effectively to their audiences. PopcornGTM was born out of a need to help restaurant technology companies understand and articulate their unique proposition. The company aims to streamline the communication lines between tech companies and stakeholders, create meaningful narratives out of tech jargon, and transform tech startups’ brands into compelling stories that truly resonate with their prospects. Understanding the Market Landscape Tackling the restaurant tech market requires understanding its sheer volume andContinue Reading …

216. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 216 – Revolutionizing Temporary Cold Storage: The Polar Leasing Story

January 22, 2024

Introduction:Welcome back to The Restaurant Technology Guys podcast. We are excited to share the story of Polar Leasing, a company that has been transforming the world of temporary cold storage. In this blog post, we will dive into the details of what Polar Leasing does, the unique applications of their temporary cold storage units, and how they have revolutionized the industry. Join us as we explore the backstory, the process, and the success stories of Polar Leasing. Section 1: Introducing Duane Waterman and Polar Leasing Section 2: The Backstory of Polar Leasing Section 3: The Applications of Temporary Cold Storage Section 4: The Process of Renting a Unit Section 5: The Advantages of Polar Leasing’s Units Section 6: Innovations and Future possibilities Conclusion:Polar LeasingContinue Reading …

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