Jeremy Julian

The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 072: Sterling Douglass of Chowly

January 7, 2020

The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 072: The Guys talk with CEO and Founder of Chowly Sterling Douglas about 3rd party delivery and ghost kitchens.

A Restaurant Chatbot: Does Your Restaurant Need One?

January 2, 2020

Is the restaurant chatbot just another passing fad; one more “must-have” marketing tool that will turn out to be much less effective than the hype surrounding it would suggest? Or are they going to be an essential means of engaging with customers that no restaurant can afford to be without? The rise of the chatbot in other customer service industries has certainly been spectacular. In fact, according to a recent Business Insider study some 80% of customer-facing businesses expect to be using chatbots in 2020 and almost half of those questioned are already doing so. More than 40% believe that the use of these tools will enhance their customers’ experience. What Chatbots Are and What they Do And there may be good reasons for this belief.Continue Reading …

8 Exciting Restaurant Technologies That Improve Operations

December 27, 2019

Today’s modern customer is used to online retail, immediate delivery, and the interconnectedness of a smartphone world. Let’s take a look at eight exciting restaurant technologies that improve operations.

How Smaller Restaurants can Take Advantage of Restaurant Voice Ordering

December 12, 2019

Both voice search and voice ordering have recently seen dramatic increases in popularity. And while the uptake of restaurant voice ordering technology has so far been limited to major chains, there is no reason why smaller, local restaurants should not also benefit from the trend.

7 Must-Have Bar POS and Nightclub POS Features

November 21, 2019

Bar POS and nightclub POS features are both tremendously important in ensuring the profitability of these types of outlets; not only by providing management with excellent up-to-the-minute data but also by permitting front of house staff to devote the maximum amount of time to providing excellent customer service.

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