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232. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 232 – Lessons in Leadership, Humility, and Impact with Tyler Young

May 13, 2024

In the fast-paced world of restaurant technology, it’s rare to come across stories that not only inspire but shed light on the power of humility, leadership, and the profound impact we can have on one another’s lives. Today, we dive into the story of Tyler Young, a figure who has recently captivated the attention of many within the industry and beyond.

A Journey of Growth and Community

Tyler’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Starting his entrepreneurial path at the tender age of 23, he transformed his ventures from being relatively unknown to significantly impacting the industry within a year. His deliberate shift towards more meaningful engagement in the industry led to the creation of VersiTech, a merger of two powerful entities—Bold Integrated Payments and Tonic point of sale—into a force capable of taking the market by storm.

But beyond the business success, what truly defines Tyler is his dedication to making an impact. Having merged with his partner, Gary Lou, they set out not to chase financial success but to impact the industry and people’s lives positively. Their journey from running small companies to leading a powerful organization of over 100 employees showcases a shared vision of thriving through community building.

The Power of Community and Hope

Tyler’s narrative is deeply entrenched in his personal experiences, which have shaped his outlook on community and support. From spending his early years in the hospital system, supporting his brother through leukemia, to building supportive communities within his business endeavors, Tyler’s life story underscores the significance of hope, optimism, and the strength found in unity.

Similarly, Jeremy, the host, shares touching parallels from his life, revealing moments of vulnerability and the impact of personal trials on one’s outlook and actions. These stories highlight the common thread of resilience and compassion that binds individuals, making them a beacon of hope for others.

A Culture Built on Core Values

Central to Tyler and his business’s identity are core values like humility, grit, and success. These values aren’t just plaques on the wall but living principles that guide decisions and actions at every level of the organization. From encouraging open communication and accountability to fostering an environment where mistakes are viewed as opportunities for growth, the culture at VersiTech is a testament to what businesses can achieve when they put people and values first.

Gratefulness and Impact: Pillars of Success

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of Tyler’s story is his unwavering focus on impact over financial gain. His daily practice of recognizing gratitude and setting intentions to make each day meaningful stands as a powerful reminder of the importance of perspective. By sharing stories of transformation and support within his company, Tyler exemplifies what it means to lead with purpose, valuing people’s journeys and potentials.

A Call to Action for Thoughtful Leadership

In a world often dominated by the bottom line, stories like Tyler’s offer a refreshing perspective on success. It’s a clear call to action for business leaders and individuals alike to prioritize impact, community, and personal growth. As we reflect on Tyler’s journey, let’s challenge ourselves to consider how we can make a difference in our spheres of influence, championing values that bring out the best in those around us.

Tyler Young’s story isn’t just about the ascent of a business or an individual; it’s a blueprint for meaningful success — one that includes humanity, humility, and a generous spirit at its core. Through his example, we’re reminded of the limitless potential for positive change when we dedicate ourselves to the well-being and growth of our communities and the people within them.

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