238. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 238 – Revolutionizing Restaurant SEO and Page Speed

Welcome back to another insight from the Restaurant Technology Guys podcast. Today, we delve into the world of web hosting and SEO optimization with our special guest, Will Pemble, the creator of PageLeap. PageLeap is a novel platform designed to tackle the intricacies of web hosting and SEO, ensuring perfect execution of a marketing strategy.

A Conversation with Will Pemble

Jeremy: Welcome back to the Restaurant Technology Guys podcast. Thank you, everyone, for joining us today. I’m particularly excited about today’s guest, a gentleman I’ve known for a while. Will Pemble has an intriguing story that I can’t wait for him to share. Will, why don’t you introduce yourself and give us a bit of your backstory?

Will Pemble: Thanks for having me, Jeremy. I’m grateful for this chance. Here’s the quick version of business me: I started a web hosting company in my basement called web.com, which grew to become the 19th biggest web hosting company in the world. We sold that company in 2007 and I shifted to management consulting, writing a book and doing business for 15 years. A couple of years ago, I retired from consulting and returned to my roots in web hosting and software, which led to the creation of PageLeap.

The Need for PageLeap

Jeremy: What is PageLeap and what problems is it designed to solve?

Will Pemble: PageLeap emerged from the need to simplify and perfect SEO execution. A critical factor often overlooked in SEO strategy is page speed. Even a slight delay in page load time can drastically reduce conversion rates. For instance, shaving just one second off load time can increase conversions by up to 17%, according to Google. PageLeap focuses on optimizing all these elements seamlessly, so the marketing strategies can be perfectly executed.

Jeremy: How does PageLeap address these optimization issues?

Will Pemble: During my consulting days, I noticed SEO experts like Steve Wiedemann always faced challenges convincing web designers and hosting providers to execute their optimization strategies correctly. This repeated over and over, causing inefficiencies. One day, I decided to solve this by building a platform that executes these strategies perfectly. PageLeap pulls necessary information from existing systems, automating tasks to ensure optimal performance.

Technical SEO Simplified

Jeremy: What are some of the technical components and SEO tactics that PageLeap automates?

Will Pemble: PageLeap takes care of both on-page and technical SEO components. For on-page SEO, it ensures the presence of high-quality content, user-friendly designs, fast-loading multimedia, and appropriate calls to action. As for technical SEO, it includes essential elements like:

  • Title tags with keywords
  • Meta descriptions
  • H1 tags
  • Local business schema markup
  • Mobile optimization

PageLeap also addresses page speed, accessibility, security, and a robust tracking and analytics system.

Real-World Impact

Jeremy: What kind of impact does PageLeap have on restaurant businesses?

Will Pemble: PageLeap significantly improves search engine rankings and user experience. For instance, our first customer, Dave’s Hot Chicken, saw their page load time drop from 4.6 seconds to 0.86 seconds, significantly boosting their conversions. Our platform ensures that even small businesses with limited marketing budgets can compete with industry giants like IHOP in local search results.

The Future of PageLeap

Jeremy: Who is the ideal customer for PageLeap and how can they engage with you?

Will Pemble: Whether you’re a small diner or a large restaurant chain with thousands of locations, if you want enterprise-grade SEO, PageLeap is for you. Small businesses can also leverage PageLeap to compete on a level playing field with larger corporations. To learn more or get started, visit pageleap.com.


The journey of creating PageLeap is a testament to solving real-world problems with innovative solutions. It’s not just about making money; it’s about ensuring that the passion and hard work of restaurateurs are not wasted due to technical inefficiencies.

Check them out at PageLeap