Jeremy Julian

Productivity: Key to Beat Rising Cost

October 19, 2016

Costs are rising: inflation, health care, wages, taxes and more. The biggest and fastest growing costs are labor costs. Hourly earnings in the restaurant industry are up 3.9 percent this year alone. As we are going into 2017, operator’s biggest concern for the upcoming year are labor costs. And these will only keep increasing. More states are increasing the minimum wage, including two — California and New York — that are moving the wage to $15 an hour. And the federal government just increased the salary threshold for management-level workers to be considered exempt from overtime pay. That legislation change promises higher labor costs for many operators and will take effect this coming December. So how can you save money while costs keep increasing?




Our friends over at Orderly produce an app that can improve productivity and automation some standard functions.

  1. Paperless invoices – no more losing invoices, double payments or missing credits. All invoices are captured and logged. These document no longer need human hands, making them more efficient and error-free. And all this can be viewed from anywhere on any device.
  2. Accounting made easy – with online invoices, the Orderly App will automatically scrape the line item detail. This eliminates all invoice data entry. Create custom food categories and assign GL codes for items and vendors. The Orderly App will automate GL spend reports for easy export to QuickBooks, Sage and other accounting systems. All this allows
  3. Monitor spending and pricing – Understanding overall food spend is important, allowing the company to save on the most-used items. However, knowing the total spend for each suppliers is also significant. Knowing the food spend by supplier means there is leverage to use when negotiating better deals on the items that are bought the most from that particular supplier.


To learn more about what their technology can do, check out the Orderly website.

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