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1 BIG Reason Why Your Business Shouldn’t Ignore Mobile Sales

July 24, 2014

The Rise of the Cell Phone Cell phones are everywhere and people are addicted to them.  If you leave your house, it would be a weird, apocalyptic-like event to NOT see someone using their cell phone. The mobile phone has achieved a status on par with wallets and keys.  Think about that panic you feel when you think you’ve lost your phone; that sinking, desperate naked feeling.  It’s not good.  Odds are, you’ll look at your phone at least once while reading this post. Or maybe you’re even reading this post on your cell phone. So why is this important for you?  We’ve been harping this message for some time: consumers are using their cell phones more and more while moving towards a mobile storefront.  FromContinue Reading …

4 Reasons a Restaurant Should Avoid Deal Sites

April 1, 2014

  We are all looking for a great deal.  Whether it is as a business owner or as a consumer, everyone is looking to stretch their dollar as far as it can go.  And why wouldn’t you?  We are paying more in taxes, more in gas prices, and just more everywhere than ever before.  So as a consumer, why wouldn’t we want to seek out the great deals services like Groupon can provide? Better yet, as a business owner, why not drive new business in the door by offering a great Groupon deal and then getting repeat business?? With the increasingly cluttered hospitality space, it is difficult for small restaurants to dig out a spot for themselves. Despite this seemingly impassible hurdle, do not,Continue Reading …

Mobile POS – What it can mean in your restaurant

September 12, 2013

Join the conversation about Mobile POS and the benefits it can bring to almost any restaurant.

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