193. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 193 – alwaysAI uses computer vision to help operators

alwaysAI is a computer vision solutions provider for quick service and fast-casual restaurants. Through deep learning AI, computer vision enables cameras to quickly identify and interpret objects in the physical world and generate data to enable intelligent management decisions. 

Because computer vision provides real-time data, it offers unprecedented visibility into restaurants’ backend operations.  While Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) and other Point of Sales technology help operators understand details like when an order was placed and when it was fulfilled, what happens in between has traditionally been a bit of a mystery. 

Computer vision is changing all that. Computer vision acts as an extra set of eyes allowing restaurants to see into their operations with more clarity than ever before. Identify choke points, understand the impact of custom orders, and get precise data at every step of the order fulfillment process to improve speed of service. 

Although generative AI is getting the lion’s share of publicity, computer vision provides the most practical AI solutions for businesses in need of real-time insights. With the growth of online apps, delivery services, and traditional in-store ordering, order fulfillment is only growing more complex for restaurants. Computer vision provides immediate actionable data to streamline processes and improve efficiency. 

4 Use Cases for Computer Vision in Restaurants: 

Behind-the-Counter Operations: Computer vision tracks orders across the entire food line revealing chokepoints and trends that can improve operational decision-making. It aids in staff allocation and alerts for low food stock or extended wait times.

Improve Speed of Service: Real-time data allows managers to address issues and delays as they happen to ensure timely customer service and satisfaction. 

Occupancy Counting: Accurate real-time occupancy counts help managers improve service during peak hours, manage staffing decisions more effectively and create a welcoming dining environment.

Drive-Thru Optimization: Computer vision identifies and tracks vehicles in drive-thrus, aiding in streamlining operations.

Why Choose alwaysAI?

alwaysAI is an incredibly powerful, end-to-end computer vision platform. We offer advanced tools and functionality at every step of the computer vision process so you can manage all your projects with ease. 

  • Collect and upload data seamlessly.
  • Annotate and manage datasets effectively.
  • Train and evaluate models efficiently with real-world deployment support.
  • Develop tailored applications using our robust edgeIQ library.
  • Remotely deploy and manage models and applications for ultimate ease and flexibility.
  • Utilize comprehensive analytics to enhance revenue-driving processes.
  • Leverage professional support for deploying solutions, regardless of expertise level.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing KDS and analytics dashboards to ensure operational transparency.

alwaysAI remains committed to updating tools and supporting users, ensuring successful computer vision implementation while focusing on delivering exceptional dining experiences.With alwaysAI Smart Restaurant solutions, managers can capture everything that is happening in their restaurants to improve operational efficiencies and customer experience with unprecedented real-time data. Visit alwaysAI.co to learn more.

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