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Restaurants want hassle-free technology

September 21, 2016

A couple months ago, The National Restaurant Association released new research focusing on technology in the restaurant industry. The purpose of the research was to explore current technology adoption in restaurants, plans for future adoption, and restaurant operators’ thoughts and opinions on restaurant technology overall. “Restaurant operators and consumers generally agree on the benefits of technology use in restaurants but they’re also in agreement that while new technology is useful, it can complicate the restaurant experience,” says Annika Stensson, director of research communications for the National Restaurant Association. “About four in five restaurant operators agree that technology can help make restaurants more productive, increase sales and provide a competitive advantage. However, half say it also makes the customer experience more complicated. This research highlightsContinue Reading …

Equipment Spotlight: Safety and Efficiency

September 14, 2016

Adding the right piece of equipment can literally change the game for a business and an industry. Today, we are going over some pieces that can help operators improve consistency, efficiency and safety. At a time when costs for labor, healthcare and insurance are all going through the roof, such issues are top-of-mind for all managers and restaurant owners. Auto Mist: It would be fair to say that most operators and owners would prefer not to burn down their restaurant. Unfortunately, in a place where grease meets heat, such things can happen. A quarter of restaurant fires originate from the grill, said Mark Copeland, the chief marketing officer at Mendota Heights, Minn.-based Restaurant Technologies Inc. A consistent problem in the kitchen that causes firesContinue Reading …

Dave & Busters: Branding Innovation

September 6, 2016

Today we are going to shine our company spotlight on the Dallas-based entertainment company, Dave & Busters. They have experienced a substantial increase in revenue and overall profit due to their re-branding, targeting and marketing efforts. The company has successfully targeted its primary audience of Millennials 21 to 39 years old by adding “new news of interest.” By consistently refreshing their food, games and technology, every time a customer comes back to Dave & Busters, it is a new and improved experience. The company also cultivates secondary demographic groups of walk-in families and corporate parties. By switching to a broader theme of ‘New Is What We Do,’ products like the arcade versions of Luigi’s Mansion, Nintendo’s best-selling game, and new menu items that wereContinue Reading …

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