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Social Media Marketing: Instagram

December 21, 2016

Today we are going to talk about Instagram and how your business can use it to grow revenue and build customer engagement. If you have been following along in our series then you are in luck. We are applying everything we have talked about with Facebook and Twitter to make you a more effective Instagram user.   If you have missed any of our previous articles, click on the links below: Introduction: Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing: Facebook Social Media Marketing: Twitter   Instagram is social media outlet that let’s users share photos and add captions, that includes mentions (other users) as well as hashtags. The user can put any amount of text in their caption, but it is very unwise to doContinue Reading …

Social Media Marketing: Twitter

December 21, 2016

We are continuing our series on Social Media Marketing and your Business today by exploring how Twitter can help build a restaurant’s customer loyalty and overall marketing. If you missed our previous article, be sure to check it out! We discussed how Facebook can help a restaurant, along with some tips to better utilize the social media tool.   For those who do not know, Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks with approximately 315 million users. In Twitter, a user creates a handle (name) and then can generate messages that are 140 characters long. Within that message, you can tag other twitter users and use hashtags (the pound sign, #). That message is then put out to your users andContinue Reading …

Podcast Episode 10 – Going mobile: A step-by-step guide to mobility

December 19, 2016

Join Jeremy and Ryan as they walk the everyday restaurateur through the maze that is modern “mobility”. First, they define what “mobility” truly is and what it means for your business. They then describe the building blocks that you need to take your business into the digital age, empowering your guests and driving incremental sales.  

Social Media Marketing: Facebook

December 13, 2016

Today we are continuing our series on Social Media and how restaurant owners can utilize their functions to grow revenue and increase awareness. The theme of this article is focused on Facebook and things you can to drive business.   Use beautiful images to sell the products – The main purpose of a restaurant is to sell food, drinks and create a great experience. With that in mind, take good and appetizing photos of the menu items. People eat with their eyes and if they see something that grabs their attention, then they are more likely to use that establishment.  Offer something of value to followers – Customers should feel special to follow your restaurant on Facebook. Whether it is unique coupons for aContinue Reading …

Podcast Episode 9 – Avoiding Headaches Implementing New Tech

December 2, 2016

Join the restaurant technology guys as they tackle one of the industry’s biggest headaches: Changing out technology! Listen in as Jeremy and Ryan circumnavigate this necessary evil as technology quickly evolves in the space. This is one that you can’t afford to miss! Check it out!  

Social Media Marketing

November 29, 2016

We are kicking off our series on Social Media Marketing and growing your restaurant business. This series will tackle one social media outlet per week and share strategies and tips on how to better utilize that outlet to benefit business.   We just completed a similar segment where we discussed how email marketing can grow your customer-base, raise awareness and bring in a positive ROI. If you missed our previous articles, click on the links below: Email Marketing 101 Email Marketing: Why use it? Email Marketing: Make a Positive ROI Email Marketing: Tips for a better campaign In the coming articles, we are going to cover the social medias below: Facebook Twitter Instagram Snapchat Pinterest YouTube Google + and Yelp Having a strong websiteContinue Reading …

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