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Social Media Marketing: Twitter

December 21, 2016

We are continuing our series on Social Media Marketing and your Business today by exploring how Twitter can help build a restaurant’s customer loyalty and overall marketing. If you missed our previous article, be sure to check it out! We discussed how Facebook can help a restaurant, along with some tips to better utilize the social media tool.


For those who do not know, Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks with approximately 315 million users. In Twitter, a user creates a handle (name) and then can generate messages that are 140 characters long. Within that message, you can tag other twitter users and use hashtags (the pound sign, #). That message is then put out to your users and will also be seen by folks searching the same hashtag(s) that are used.


The last sentence is where we come in: building users, conducting hashtag research and using the tags properly are the keys to building a strong Twitter account, especially for a restaurant. When first starting out, use large-reaching hashtags, especially those that incorporate your city, state, food type (#tacotuesday) and beverage (#craftbeer, #wine, #martini, etc).


Below are some tips that we have put together to help your business assert itself in twitter and grow:


  1. Tweet your daily specials – If you’re like many restaurants, you have a number of daily specials that aren’t on the regular menu. It seems obvious to point it out, but if you’re not tweeting your daily specials, you’re losing out on an easy way to promote those items far beyond passing and walk-in customers. And think of this: Your Twitter followers are already fans of what you do. They’re the most likely to bite at a daily special — particularly if they’re looking for something at your restaurant beyond what they already know.
  2. Make Twitter part of your daily responsibilities – the most successful Twitter users are actively engaged with other users. Therefore, it’s important to slot out regular time for your Twitter efforts and make it a priority. If you’re are planning to use Twitter, then make sure you USE it. Even if it’s just for a little bit of time each day, you have to consistently be on there to be see results.
  3. Promote specials to followers – Customers who mention the Twitter special receive a special deal, free drink or appetizer. They will feel like ‘insiders’ and be rewarded for following an establishment they already enjoy. Ask those customers to tweet about the restaurant and be brand ambassadors. Happy customers are a valuable tool.
  4. Engage and thank your customers/followers – Twitter is about engagement and conversation. Thank one or more of your followers. If they are regulars and often tweet about the restaurant, mention and reward them. It will create a stronger bond and others will see how you respect and appreciate customers.
  5. Use photos – Like Facebook, use good-looking photos. People eat with their eyes. Entice them.
  6. Be patient – This takes time. Results will slowly start to show. It’s important to realize that Twitter has a lot of power, but the power must come from you wanting to deliver the best customer service you can. Twitter takes time, and acts as word of mouth marketing. You’ll find that as one person from Twitter starts coming to you restaurant, you’ll slowly get more buzz.


Next time, we are going to put everything we have learned so far and put it all together when we talk about Instagram.

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