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210. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 210 – Where did the name Voodoo Brewing Co come from? Learn this and more from this talk with their CEO

December 4, 2023

In this episode, we have a special guest: Matteo,  CEO of Voodoo Brewing.

Title: “Craft Beer with Community Spirit: Exploring the Voodoo Brewing Co Story”

Craft brewing has become a popular sector within the beverage industry, often attracting passionate and community-oriented entrepreneurs. One remarkable example is the Voodoo Brewing Co, a thriving brewing company based in Pennsylvania. The journey of Voodoo Brewing Co. involves community engagement, entrepreneurial vision, and a relentless dedication to brewing excellent beer.

Discovering the Story Behind Voodoo Brewing Co.

In a conversation on the Restaurant Technology Guys podcast, Jeremy Julian sat down with Matt Mateo, the CEO of Voodoo Brewing Co., to discuss the company’s history, its current operations, and how it stands out in a competitive industry. Interestingly, the Voodoo Brewing Co venture was birthed out of a pivot from a previous business venture. Mateo, alongside his brother, initially ventured into event staffing and production but realized an opportunity to diversify their investments by buying a bar in their hometown.

The duo’s original plan was to set up a little nano-brewery within the bar. In their desire to expedite the plan, the brothers discovered that the local Voodoo Brewing Company was on the brink of bankruptcy. Instead of seeing this as a setback, they saw it as an opportunity to take the brewing venture a notch higher. They decided to take over the business, revamping it into a successful brewing operation.

Growing with the Community

What sets Voodoo Brewing Co apart from many other breweries is its intentional involvement within the community. Matteo attributes their unique approach to the brewing industry as a significant driver behind the success of Voodoo Brewing Co. From the onset, they envisioned creating a unique drinking and dining experience, pairing handcrafted beers with excellent food within a relaxed and vibey ambiance. Voodoo Brewing Co. doesn’t just brew excellent beers – it creates an inclusive community experience.

However, the company’s commitment extends beyond providing a great experience. They believe that “craft beer without community is just beer.” Therefore, they prioritize integrating their operations with their local communities. This includes hiring staff from the local community, supporting local charities and nonprofits, and having a community engagement plan as a requirement for every Voodoo Brewing Co location.

Scaling and Maintaining Quality

Maintaining the quality of services and product offerings is a challenge many businesses grapple with during expansion. However, Voodoo Brewing Co. managed to scale its operations without compromising the quality of its beer or dining experience. According to Matteo, such an achievement was possible due to a mix of good strategy, deliberate decision-making, and finding scalable solutions to various aspects of their operations, whether it was building a new tap room or developing unique beer recipes.

Looking into the Future with Voodoo Brewing Co.

Today, Voodoo Brewing Co. stands as an embodiment of an entrepreneurial dream coupled with dedicated community-driven operations. With franchising opportunities now available, it’s looking to replicate its success story in new communities, extending the reach of its unique beers and food concepts. The company’s growth seems unstoppable, yet the commitment towards each new community they join remains unwavering – a testament to Voodoo Brewing Co.’s dedication to providing more than just a great beer.

Tune in and get ready to learn some brewing magic from Matteo! Check them out at

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