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212. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 212 – Earned wage access with TimeForge and Rain

December 18, 2023

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Title: Unlocking the Power of Earned Wage Access: A Conversation with TimeForge and Rain


In the most recent episode of the Restaurant Technology Guys’ podcast, the discussion was centered around an emerging trend that is impacting the restaurant industry in a big way: Earned Wage Access (EWA). Host Jeremy Julian was joined by Audrey Hogan, COO at TimeForge, and Jen Terrell, the VP of Employer Partnerships at Rain Instant Pay, to delve into this significant development.

Understanding the Impact of Earned Wage Access

The conversation kicked off with Hogan and Terrell explaining how EWA works and its growing influence in the business landscape. Earned Wage Access, also known as income streaming or pay on demand, allows employees to access their pay in advance of their company’s scheduled payday.

In the past years, EWA gained immense popularity among shift workers who benefit from having instant access to their earnings after a day’s work. Far from being a fleeting trend, Terrell highlighted that EWA is rapidly transitioning from a ‘nice to have’ benefit into a ‘need to have’ benefit. Furthermore, it’s been found that EWA can boost employee engagement and reduce turnover rates.

The modern workforce expects more flexibility in their pay schedule. Whether it is an unexpected emergency expense or just to match their bill cycle with their pay cycle, employees now have the option to access their earned wages prior to payday.

The TimeForge-Rain Partnership

The essence of the conversation revolved around the integration of TimeForge’s labor management solutions and Rain’s Instant Pay feature. TimeForge shares, in real-time, employee data and worked hours with Rain. This collaboration ensures that the correct figures are available for calculation, eliminating the risk of overpayment or inaccurate disbursements due to inaccurate or outdated data.

Mitigating Risk with EWA

Audrey and Jen addressed some frequently raised concerns regarding risk mitigation for restaurants adopting an EWA system. The idea that the restaurant would be left “holding the bag” when employees access their pay early or if the wage information is incorrect was dispelled, due to the system’s robust real-time data collection.

Buche Foods – A Success Story

Wrapping up the discussion was an insightful case study on Buche Foods. Audrey shared how Buche Foods, a long-time customer of TimeForge, saw a swift adoption of Rain within the first two weeks where 37% of employees adopted this benefit. Buche Foods benefits greatly from the streamlined process Jen elaborated on earlier, where Rain takes on the risk of fronting the cash for advance payments and manages the payroll integration.


Earned Wage Access is becoming a key factor for businesses looking to attract and retain a motivated workforce. For businesses on the fence about adopting EWA, this podcast episode offers a deep dive into its benefits and viability.

The demand for flexible earned wage access is growing, and brands that embrace this as part of their benefits package are not just keeping apace with modern trends but are delivering something that employees will find attractive and beneficial.

As Audrey mentioned in her closing remarks, “It’s not optional, you’ve got to figure out how to reduce the risk as best you can”. Therefore, restaurants must ensure that their EWA provider has integrated systems that capture real-time data, ensuring there’s minimal risk for all parties involved.

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