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213. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 213 – ZippyApp: the meeting place for hourly job seekers & employers

January 2, 2024

Title: Streamlining Restaurant Hiring Automation and Turnover Reduction with ZippyApp

With rapidly evolving technology, the dynamics of finding new hires and managing high turnover rates are changing for the restaurant industry. Today we’ll delve into a conversation centered on the innovative ZippyApp, a recruitment marketing platform designed to streamline the talent acquisition process for restaurants.

Rapid Turnovers in Restaurants

One of the challenges consistently plaguing the food service industry is the remarkably high turnover rates. In restaurants, turnover can spiral up to 300%, often leading to a cycle of perpetual recruitment processes with little time to pause and analyze the root cause. This raises an important question for restaurant owners and managers: why do we have such a significant turnover? Is it truly a result of the transient nature of restaurant work, or is there a deeper issue at stake?

The emerging answer is that many people leave jobs due to dissatisfaction with their immediate superiors rather than their pay or schedule. Addressing employees’ relationships with their managers and improving these connections could thus be a key to reducing turnover.

Essential Onboarding and Training

Proper onboarding and training are vital in creating an atmosphere that not only retains employees but also showcases growth opportunities. Teaching employees about the importance of their role in the business ecosystem could significantly decrease turnover rates. By making the job simple and placing employees in a position, they are comfortable with, you can drive the restaurant to reach its peak performance.

Candidate Experience Matters

In attracting and retaining top talent, considering the candidate experience is crucial. The first contact with your brand should deliver a memorable, exciting experience. With ZippyApp, regardless of the channel through which potential employees discover your brand, the candidate experience remains consistently simple and quick, significantly increasing the likelihood of successful applications.

ZippyApp: The Automated Recruitment Platform

Calculating the cost of turnover varies, but it could range anywhere from $1,500 individual up to $5,000 per individual. These expenses seriously undermine business profitability. Hence, plugging the turnover holes is essential.

To counter this, the ZippyApp platform was designed to simplify the recruitment process for restaurant managers. Using artificial intelligence, the system qualifies each application that comes in, follows up with secondary engagement through text messaging engagement, and schedules qualified candidates for interviews all within half an hour.

By making the hiring process hassle-free and efficient, ZippyApp not only streamlines restaurant operations but also enhances the candidate experience, all while ensuring the brand promise remains consistent across all channels.

Looking to the Future

Creating an inviting, efficient hiring process that showcases the growth potential in the restaurant industry is critical. Platforms like ZippyApp can aid in this process by supporting streamlined talent acquisition and substantially reducing turnover rates.

Reflecting on your business practices and pondering the question, “Is the person you’re looking for you?” can guide you in aligning your hiring process with the professionals you aim to recruit.

In a nutshell, with the integration of technology like ZippyApp, restaurants can streamline their hiring process and reduce turnover rates, ultimately leading to a more profitable and successful business. The future of restaurant operation certainly lies in these tech-driven solutions.

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