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218. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 218 – Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn Marketing: A Conversation with Justin Ulrich

February 5, 2024


In the rapidly evolving world of business and marketing, the importance of having an effective online presence cannot be overstated. For B2B enterprises and a growing number of B2C businesses, LinkedIn has become a territory ripe for exploration and development. In a recent candid conversation with Jeremy Julian, Justin Ulrich, a marketing head at Evocalize, yields meaningful insights into how best to navigate LinkedIn’s treacherous yet reward-filled waters.

Social Media Superhero: An Introduction to Justin Ulrich

Justin Ulrich has led a fascinating career. From working a blue-collar job as an electrician straight out of high school to exploring the realms of tax accounting before finally finding his footing in marketing, his journey has been nothing short of an adventure. Currently heading the marketing team at Evocalize, a company specializing in automating paid digital marketing based on local data, Ulrich has worked in diverse sectors including telecom, payment processing, POS, SaaS, and even the off-road industry.

How LinkedIn Amplifies your Marketing

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for B2B businesses. It’s a platform where businesspeople spend time building their networks, making it a logical place to focus marketing efforts. When Ulrich joined Evocalize, one of the core challenges he faced was building awareness for the brand, which was virtually unknown in the restaurant industry.

Ulrich decided to target LinkedIn, knowing that was where his audience spent their time. He shared the brand’s content, connected with industry leaders, and supported his network for several months. When the time came to launch a podcast, he had a network of people willing to support and help him, not just because they returned the favor, but also because he had become part of their ‘inner circle’.

Lessons from LinkedIn Engagement

The key, Ulrich underscores, is to give back. The more you put into the world, the more it returns back to you. Building an audience on social channels makes sense only when you have meaningful content that audiences find engaging.

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