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220. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 220 – Leverage First-Party Data with Vericast’s NXTDRIVE: A Game Changer for Restauranteurs

February 19, 2024

Every restaurateur seeks to drive customer growth through tailored and effective marketing strategies, unsuccessfully at times. However, Vericast exclusively presents a solution, enabling restaurants to harness on-ground customer data effectively. Their groundbreaking product – NXTDRIVE, designed specifically for data targeting and marketing, could revolutionize how restaurants fundamentally approach their marketing strategies.

Understanding Each Customer, One Household at a Time

Being one of the leaders in the print media space, Vericast provides critical insights on household level preferences, helping marketers craft more effective messaging. This knowledge extends to understanding households’ digital engagement patterns too. Fusing both these data segments presents a well-rounded picture of prospective customers.

One of Vericast’s main focus areas is everything digital. From display advertising, video integration on YouTube channels to distribution through connected TVs, Vericast does it all. Their most ambitious project yet, NXTDRIVE, seeks to integrate customer data from restaurants with their proprietary data from various digital touchpoints.

Pointing towards First-Party Data

First-party data implies any information collected directly by a brand about its customers. This data type could include express information like an email address or other behavioral data drawn through website visits or item purchases. What NXTDRIVE does extra is infuse this data with insights gleaned from Vericast’s digital interactions with the same customer. Hence, filling up the gaps and completing a full picture of each customer.

Herein, the real challenge lies in identifying multiple interactions as being from a single user. Vericast embarks on an intricate process called ‘identity resolution’ to consolidate different instances into one unified customer profile.

Personalization: The Cornerstone of Effective Marketing

In the known fact that consumers prefer personalized interactions with brands, especially Millennials. Accessing such level of customer data makes personalization completely achievable. Vericast’s NXTDRIVE not only captures customer data but also segments it into usable bits. With this understanding, brands can customize messages for each of their customers, improving the odds of driving favourable responses significantly.

For instance, recognizing a change in purchase behavior through detailed analysis of their buying records will enable specific ad targeting. The system facilitates a continuous learning process, where new data collected feeds back into the process, modifying recommendations and ad targeting continually. However, the critical component here remains a data analytics partner who can utilize these data trends and craft truly effective marketing plans.

Relevance and Timing: Key to Advertising

Direct and relevant advertising stands paramount to drawing meaningful customer interactions. Understanding customer behavior, geographic location, and optimizing timing can make ads more influential. Comprehending these aspects becomes more manageable with data-based insights that NXTDRIVE offers.

Moreover, NXTDRIVE presents an excellent space to uplift small-scale restaurants. The platform can tailor ads for them, enabling optimal resource utilization and maximizing audience reach. Data-based audience targets and insights provided by NXTDRIVE could significantly influence customer activity, making significant inroads into an untapped customer base.

Check out Vericast to learn how you can leverage NXTDRIVE for your restaurant chain.

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