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228. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 228 – Revolutionizing the Restaurant Experience: A Dive into Tabski’s Digital Ordering System

April 15, 2024


In the rapidly evolving world of restaurant technology, Tabski stands out as a beacon of innovation. Founded by Jon Grayem, Tabski is redefining the dining experience for customers and restaurant owners alike with its cutting-edge digital ordering system. In a recent episode of the Restaurant Technology Guys podcast, Jon shared the journey of Tabski and how it’s set to change the game for food establishments across the board.

The Genesis of Tabski

Jon’s path in the tech space began straight out of college, initially dipping his toes in the payment sector of the restaurant industry. His career trajectory took a pivotal turn when he encountered a local brewery that was exceptionally satisfied with its payment processor, a rare sentiment in the industry. This encounter led Jon to venture into restaurant software sales, ultimately paving the way for the inception of Tabski.

Tabski: Bridging Technology and Hospitality

What sets Tabski apart is its focus on enhancing the customer experience through technology. Unlike traditional POS systems that are primarily built with restaurant operations in mind, Tabski adopts a consumer-first approach. Jon highlighted a common annoyance in dining — the inconvenience of waiting in separate lines or splitting up with companions to order from multiple vendors in a food hall. Tabski addresses this pain point head-on, allowing customers to order from multiple vendors within a food hall using a single payment transaction, thereby streamlining the process and vastly improving the customer experience.

The Drive for Efficient Service

Tabski is not just about facilitating easier orders. It’s a bridge between efficient service and customer satisfaction. Jon shared an example of how Tabski’s technology can prevent common dining disruptions, like finding out a dish is sold out after you’ve ordered it. Their system allows kitchen staff to instantly reject orders for out-of-stock items, keeping customers informed in real time and ensuring smoother operations.

The Future of Restaurant Ordering

Looking ahead, Jon is excited about the future of Tabski and the broader potential of digital-first approaches in the restaurant industry. From omni-channel ordering—where a single platform can handle orders from QR codes, online, or POS systems—to multi-vendor kiosks and server handhelds, Tabski is poised to offer a versatile solution that caters to all dining scenarios.

How Restaurants Can Adapt

For restaurant owners looking to adapt to this digital revolution, Jon suggests starting with a Tabski product demo to fully understand how the platform can be tailored to their specific needs. The goal is to not only streamline operations but also elevate the dining experience in ways that align with modern consumer expectations.


As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, embracing technologies that prioritize both efficiency and customer satisfaction will be key. Tabski is at the forefront of this movement, offering a glimpse into a future where dining out is synonymous with convenience, speed, and enjoyment. For restaurateurs and diners alike, Tabski is not just a solution; it’s a step toward a more connected and enjoyable dining world.

To learn more about how Tabski can transform your restaurant or food hall experience, visit As the landscape of dining continues to change, technologies like Tabski remind us that the heart of hospitality remains the same: providing unforgettable experiences for every guest.

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