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Email Marketing: Tips for a better campaign

November 16, 2016

Today we conclude our series on email marketing with tips and advice on how to create a more effective email marketing campaign.


Now, as a disclaimer, our advice is not the end all, be all on the subject of email marketing. There are many different strategies out there in the world. So, do some homework and find the best one that suits your company’s goals, visions, culture and purpose. Always keep the customer and their needs at the forefront of any action taken. It is easy to fall into the pit of vanity or be completely disconnected from what the customers are wanting.


  1. Segmentation – We talked about this in our previous article, Email Marketing: Make a positive ROI, and we want to drill this point home: Segmentation is a powerful tool in marketing and helps focus marketing messages with precision and accuracy. Test and try to group customers in various ways to find what message resonates the most (sign-up date, geography, behavioral data, demographics, etc).
  2. Be clear and concise – When sending out emails to current and potential customers, make sure the content is relevant, pertinent and an appropriate length. The offer/call-to-action should be prominent, easy to understand and not long. Have you ever seen the shorthand tl;dr? It means, ‘too long, didn’t’ read.’ Avoid that. Keep it short and simple.
  3. There needs to be a purpose/call to action – Every email that is sent needs to have a purpose: make a call, click on a link, fast-purchase an item, view a blog or just do SOMETHING. Without a purpose, the message will fall on deaf ears, be deleted and forgotten.
  4. Be mobile-compatible – Everyone has a mobile phone nowadays and they use it. Everyday. Here is a scary statistic that should jolt you into mobile compatibility: 69.7% of consumers immediately delete emails that don’t render well on a mobile device. If an email does not render properly on a phone, you are losing money.
  5. Strong subject lines – Just like the content above, keep the subject lines, clear and to-the-point. You have about two seconds and four words to grab the attention of a customer. Use this opportunity wisely.
  6. Where the customer lands – Say a customer gets excited about the offer they just received and clicks on the call-to-action, but the link takes them to a broken page or a page that looks nothing like the email campaign. What then? You just lost a golden opportunity. Make sure the links in the emails are working and go to page that looks, feels and sounds like the outgoing email. Without consistency, customers become confused and leave.
  7. Test, test and test some more – We cannot stress the importance of testing before sending out to customers. This step saves so much heartache and can prevent potential embarrassing blunders and lost revenue. Do the homework: make sure everything works before sending anything out to the public.


Thank you for reading and if you missed any of our previous articles, you can check them out below:


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