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Top 3 Food Trends of 2018, So Far

July 4, 2018

Since we are now over more than half way through 2018 (scary, where did the time go?), we wanted to give our readers insight into what trends have been shaping 2018 so far. And, see if you can bring in new customers by hopping on these trends while they are still hot.


We Live in an Instagram World

Let us put this to you simply: if you are not on Instagram, get on it. Today. Now. We cannot stress how much your restaurant is missing the boat on this channel.


Instagram is a gift to the hospitality industry. Restaurants, bars and hotels can now SHOW what makes them unique and why people should walk through the door. Humans perceive images faster than the written word and have an even stronger emotional connection. So, instead of telling people why you are awesome, you can produce the evidence. The proof is in the pudding. And when it comes to food on Instagram, we eat with our eyes.




Let’s just put this into perspective for you. Right now, there are ~ 161 million posts/conversations going on with the #foodporn. There are ~ 277 million posts with the #food. Yes, you read that correctly: millions. You better hop in those conversations and make your restaurant relevant.


If you need help or do not know about Instagram, below is a link to an article posted back in December 2016, discussing what Insta (short for Instagram) is, why you should use it and strategies to get you started: Social Media Marketing: Instagram.


Sourcing & Quality Matter

Have your wait-staff or managers been asked, ‘Is it local?’ by a customer? Chances are, they have. And that is because where your ingredients are coming from matters to the customer. Sourcing locally not only does wonders for your marketing, but it shows that you are a supporter of the community. Especially when it comes to small businesses.


Now, sourcing locally sometimes comes with a higher cost versus getting your ingredients from international supplier, but customers understand that. And, they are willing to pay that higher price because it supports people they know and see. Customers want to have something that tastes good and is sourced well and they’re willing to pay twice as much for it. Learn more about this trend in our article: Fresh & Local Food Matters: Why Restaurants Are Changing.


What are you going to do to meet the demand?


Can I Get A Poke Bowl?

We wanted to cover this quickly and inform any of our readers of the food and lifestyle trend that is currently sweeping the nation: Poke Bowls.


Never heard of them? Yeah, no one did until about three months ago.


What is a poke bowl? It is a dish that originated in Hawaii, and mostly served as an appetizer, although now, folks like to eat it as a main dish. The base contains cubed, raw fish (typically tuna or salmon), rice, avocado, soy sauce and a leafy green vegetable. Honestly, it looks like a deconstructed sushi roll with avocado. But add in other people’s creativity and you have distinct species of poke bowls with all kinds of ingredients. As you can imagine, poke bowls are fresh, light and full of great flavor. If you start seeing pop-up poke bowl establishments, you know what the competitor is up to.



Did we miss any of your favorite trends? Let us know us know in the comments and on social media!


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