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Tactics to Bring in Customers Searching Google

December 27, 2017

People use Google every single day: driving directions, remembering the name of an actor they saw in some film and more relevant to you, finding places to eat.


In today’s article, we are discussing topics that can help our restaurant draw in more customers. We are doing this because a new study from research firm L2, evaluated 126 U.S. restaurant brands for their performance regarding social media, digital marketing, mobile, website functionality and more. Our goal is to glean out as much information as possible to help you evaluate what the big boys are doing and how you can take note from their marketing playbook.


Tactical Web Ads (Google/Bing AdWords)
Jimmy John’s uses strategic ad buys to bring in online users. According to the report, Jimmy John’s is one brand that frequently purchases ads on Google Maps. They do this by purchasing related keywords, such as ‘sub delivery’ or ‘fast subs’ to appear first and oftentimes, above organic search results. And by appearing on Google Maps, users can click the ad and are given directions to the nearest location. Smart, don’t you think?


Using Photos Strategically
Panera Break also uses Google Maps as a tool to bring in new business. The fast-casual bakery regularly posts its logo on its specific Google Maps location page, along with a large library of product photos. Psychologically, people can process images faster than they can process words. Also, as humans, we eat with our eyes first. So not only does Panera contribute to its brand’s visibility and reach, they also understand how people process information. Especially when it comes to food.


Although this function is not being used by all, one brand in particular invests heavily into this functionality: Cracker Barrel. The chain’s website geolocates site visitors immediately and shows the wait times at the nearest location. If a user is in a rush and doesn’t want to wait, this type of functionality is perfect. Google is already showing this kind of information and we predict publishing wait-times will become a standard in the next year.


Promote Partnerships
While some establishments struggle to embrace partnerships with third-party delivery companies, one casual-dining chain bucks the trend and promotes is partnership loud and proud. Cheesecake Factory offers a direct link on their website to its partner DoorDash’s app, leading diners directly to a branded Cheesecake Factory DoorDash page. This gives users seeking an online ordering experience a smooth, fast and enjoyable experience. Cheesecake Factory already understands that many customers already use delivery services, so why not go where the revenue is? We suggest you do the same.


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