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Saving Money & Cutting Costs Part 1: Food

June 24, 2015

Industry veterans know that profit margins for most restaurants are thinner than Pauli’s razor-sliced garlic in Goodfellas. Finding creative ways to save money and cut costs can be the difference between shutdown and survival for some businesses. Usually the best avenues for saving money and cutting costs are somewhere within the food and labor budgets, if only because they make up the biggest parts of operations costs. According to an Operations Report by the National Restaurant Association, about two-thirds of restaurant costs go toward food and labor, regardless of the restaurant’s service or price level. In this two-part post, the Restaurant Technology Guys will provide some options for cost cutting in the food and labor segments. First up: controlling food costs. Restaurant Technology Guys |Continue Reading …

10 Steps to Create a Critical Inventory System

February 11, 2015

Restaurant managers know that after labor, food costs are the largest expense on your balance sheet. This means that monitoring inventory is extremely important for controlling costs and keeping your business in the black. Managers are choosing inventory systems that can be updated constantly and even anticipate when new supplies need to be ordered. These 10 steps to create a critical inventory system are a guide for restaurant managers to keeping your shelves stocked and your restaurant running smoothly. After all, if your cooks run out of eggs, the ‘yolk’ is on you! 10 Steps to Create a Critical Inventory System 1) Start From Scratch. If you are a new restaurant manager, taking over a new restaurant, or instituting new inventory policies, it’s aContinue Reading …

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