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How to Deal with Intoxicated Patrons on St. Patrick’s Day

February 25, 2015

St. Paddy’s Day is approaching! Is your restaurant or bar breaking out the plastic leprechaun hats and prepping the green beer and shamrock-shaped cookies? How about that faithful tradition, corned beef and cabbage? (Side note: it’s not really Irish.) Most of all, are you preparing yourself and your staff for the potentially rowdy St. Patrick’s Day crowd? Lucky you! Let’s be honest: drunk people can be entertaining…in other people’s establishments. They can invite trouble that you don’t want any part of – fights, property damage, and legal liability for over-serving, to name a few of the risks associated with not properly handling your intoxicated patrons. So protect yourself and your restaurant or bar this St. Patrick’s Day, and let’s keep it classy while ensuringContinue Reading …

Implementing Automated Kitchen Management Systems

February 24, 2015

Ah, the kitchen. The heart of the restaurant. It’s truly where the magic happens, isn’t it? Where ordinary morsels of food are transformed into works of art, engaging the senses and delighting the palette. Customers envision that behind those double doors are brilliant chefs (usually European – why is that?) in clean white coats and tall hats, hard at work creating their culinary masterpieces, floating about the kitchen with inspiring classical music playing in the background, a glistening of sweat on their brow. It’s a fantastic mystery, like the inner workings of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. We’ll just let them carry on with that fantasy…but we know the truth. While the kitchen is indeed the heart of a restaurant, often it ends up beingContinue Reading …

Disruptive Restaurant Technology

February 23, 2015

Technology is changing the world, and restaurants are no exception. Digital devices have changed how we get our news, how we get around and how we interact. Now they are changing how we choose restaurants, read menus and pay the check. In a lot of ways, our industry is undergoing the biggest transformation since hamburger joints added drive-thru windows. As the examples below will show, disruptive restaurant technology is going to define future winners and losers in the restaurant marketplace. Innovators who adapt to these new systems will have an advantage in converting new customers, and others will be left out in the cold. Disruptive Restaurant Technology Integrated Order Entry Systems Many restaurants are still catching up on what integrated systems can offer, butContinue Reading …

10 Steps to Create a Critical Inventory System

February 11, 2015

Restaurant managers know that after labor, food costs are the largest expense on your balance sheet. This means that monitoring inventory is extremely important for controlling costs and keeping your business in the black. Managers are choosing inventory systems that can be updated constantly and even anticipate when new supplies need to be ordered. These 10 steps to create a critical inventory system are a guide for restaurant managers to keeping your shelves stocked and your restaurant running smoothly. After all, if your cooks run out of eggs, the ‘yolk’ is on you! 10 Steps to Create a Critical Inventory System 1) Start From Scratch. If you are a new restaurant manager, taking over a new restaurant, or instituting new inventory policies, it’s aContinue Reading …

The Perfect POS System – What to Look For

February 6, 2015

Unless you run a restaurant chain out of Antarctica, you’ve likely heard us harping on the value of a Point of Sale (POS) system for your restaurant (and if not us, then someone else, because pretty much everyone in the restaurant world is talking about it). In this tech-driven age, savvy restauranteurs understand the importance of “getting on board and getting with the times” in order to reach their customers where they are. (Hint: they’re online via smartphones, tablets, and laptops.) BUT a POS system is a huge investment, so we understand it can be a pretty daunting and overwhelming task to 1) decide to integrate it into your restaurant, and then 2) determine which one is right for you. You have lots of options,Continue Reading …

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