Jeremy Julian

148. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 148 – Cogs-Well with Founder Bill Lindsey

June 20, 2022

Join Jeremy and Bill Lindsey Bill Lindsey | LinkedIn where they talk about Bill’s history with food costing systems and the power of integration to POS sales data. Check out COGS-Well on their website. Restaurant Inventory & Recipe Management Software | COGS-Well

Most restaurant inventory and recipe systems take way too much time and effort to install (months) and maintain (many hours per week).

Introducing COGS-Well. A revolutionary new system that makes restaurant inventory control and recipe management fast and easy.

  • Fast, Easy and Inexpensive Setup
  • Automated Invoice Processing
  • Unique Receiving Audit Service
  • Easy Recipe Management

Check out COGS-Well on their website. Restaurant Inventory & Recipe Management Software | COGS-Well

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