Jeremy Julian

163. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 163 – Margin Edge’s solution to manage your restaurant

December 19, 2022

MarginEdge began in a place where many restaurateurs have been themselves—stuck doing manual invoice data entry and inventory in a tiny closet behind the kitchen, wondering why the love of food and hospitality came with so many papercuts. Bo Davis and Roy Phillips, two of the founders, have more than 40 years of restaurant experience between them. They’ve built and operated over 25 restaurants around the nation. Even though the size of their back offices differed, the problems they faced as operators didn’t. With a background in successful tech entrepreneurship, Bo assembled Roy and two long-time friends, colleagues, and successful technologists, Mike and Sam. Together, they constructed a creative solution to make running a restaurant easier— and MarginEdge was born.

Today MarginEdge serves over 4000 clients and has claimed two awards for “Best Places to Work” as well as a spot on the Inc. 5000 list. Check them out at MarginEdge | Restaurant Management Software

Founder Bo Davis

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