Jeremy Julian

186. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 186 – Veggie Grill Founder T.K. Pillan talks growth of the country’s largest plant-based restaurant brand

July 10, 2023

Join Jeremy and Founder of Veggie Grill T.K Pillan where they talk about the shift from technology startup to becoming the largest plant-based chain in the country. In 2006, investor partners T.K. Pillan and Kevin Boylan began looking for the next big restaurant idea. Around the same time, the duo were personally experiencing the tremendous health benefits of a plant-based diet and were becoming more informed about the inhumane and unsustainable factory farming methods used to produce meat and dairy products. So, driven to take a stand and change American food culture for the better, the two teamed up with culinary expert Ray White to start Veggie Grill, a vegan restaurant based in Irvine, California. Today, as the largest plant-based QSR restaurant chain with 35 restaurants and 700+ team members across the country, Veggie Grill has empowered millions of customers to not only try vegan food, but to crave it. While all locations have been strictly corporate-owned up until now, the Veggie Grill brand is officially launching its franchise opportunity and giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to join the runaway leader in the exciting plant-based movement. Since being founded in 2006, Veggie Grill has expanded to include locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York City.

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