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200. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 200 – The Story of Sunny Street Cafe with Brand President Scott Moffitt

October 9, 2023

Sunny Street Café® is a family-owned and operated breakfast and lunch concept founded by Mike Stasko Sr. that opened its flagship restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. The restaurant began as Peaches in Bradenton, Florida, and was discovered by Mr. Stasko in 2006. He loved the idea of a home-style Americana restaurant and decided to purchase the franchise. Stasko moved the restaurant to Columbus, Ohio, and changed the name to Rise & Dine. After a few short years, Stasko rebranded for a final time, creating what is now known as Sunny Street Café. Above all else, Stasko wanted the opportunity to work with his family, and with his own restaurant, he was now able to do just that. Since opening their doors, family has been a key component to the way Sunny Street Café operates, as it has also become a staple in the communities it’s part of. To learn more about Sunny Street Café, visit

For Full Transcript of the Show Click Here 200. Sunny Street Cafe Transcript

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