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Tactics to Bring in Customers Searching Google

December 27, 2017

People use Google every single day: driving directions, remembering the name of an actor they saw in some film and more relevant to you, finding places to eat.   In today’s article, we are discussing topics that can help our restaurant draw in more customers. We are doing this because a new study from research firm L2, evaluated 126 U.S. restaurant brands for their performance regarding social media, digital marketing, mobile, website functionality and more. Our goal is to glean out as much information as possible to help you evaluate what the big boys are doing and how you can take note from their marketing playbook.   Tactical Web Ads (Google/Bing AdWords) Jimmy John’s uses strategic ad buys to bring in online users. AccordingContinue Reading …

Starbucks in 2018: The Year of Princi

December 20, 2017

A lot of industries look at Starbucks for inspiration when it comes to implementing technology. For example, this year, Starbucks added a ‘digital order manager’ to their stores. The purpose of digital manager, is to act as a traffic cop for incoming mobile orders, sequencing them for the most efficient execution.   If you have ordered off of Starbuck’s mobile app, you may have experienced this problem a time or two.   Paper tickets are no longer needed because the orders are presented electronically to the staff via touchscreen, a la a kitchen display system. There’s also a customer-facing component as well. Patrons using Starbucks’ Mobile Order and Pay app are notified when their orders are ready. This allows operators to manage expectations andContinue Reading …

The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 035: What does the future hold?

December 18, 2017

What would you say if we told you that one day you’ll be able to enjoy a nice steak dinner in a 5-Star restaurant with your brother who lives 1,200 miles away without ever leaving your home? Or what if you could see your food being prepared in real-time in a bird’s eye view in the perspective of the chef? These are the things we are talking about in our latest podcast… And this one is a headtrip! So strap in and get ready for the FUTURE! Visit our friends at Upshow at Sign up today and get your first month totally FREE!  

Personalization: Using the Data Gold Mine

December 14, 2017

How do restaurants adapt and stay current with the ever-changing market?   The answer: data.   Data is the engine that powers restaurant innovation and will continue to do in 2018 and beyond. Whether it’s consumer metrics from in-unit sensors or a “smart” refrigerator that helps identify kitchen inefficiencies, restaurant operations will become even more data-driven.   So our advice: if you are not looking at the plethora data at your hands, then you are certainly missing out.   “Data matters more than ever,” in the restaurant of the future, says Richard Coraine, chief of staff for Union Square Hospitality Group. It will help operators track diner preferences to deliver personalized service—and targeted marketing. Data, in the form of applicant tracking and onboarding metrics,Continue Reading …

The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 034: Driving higher profits with digital signage

December 13, 2017

Have you ever wondered “What’s one easy way I could make my restaurant more profitable?”. It’s probably more like when haven’t you wondered that?! In today’s podcast, Jeremy and Ryan discuss one easy way to help increase profits and make a bigger impact on the guest experience! It’s a win-win that you can’t afford to miss!  

What’s on the 2018 Restaurant Technology Horizon?

December 12, 2017

With 2018 right around the corner, we have been wondering, “what kind of technology are we going to see in 2018?” Luckily for our readers, we are here to look into our crystal ball and predict the future (we wish!). Just kidding. But, based on what we have seen come out in 2017, we have a decent idea of what we may be seeing in the coming year. So, take a seat and enjoy the ride!   The ‘New’ Web App Folks love using apps because they are quick and easy-to-use, well, most of the time. Consumers love the web because of the robust information and larger, more recognizable calls-to-action.   Well, why not mix the best of both worlds?   In 2018, expectContinue Reading …

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