211. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 211 – Fantastic food quality lessons from the leaders at Thermodyne

Thermodyne foodservice is a company that provides high-quality cooking and holding equipment for restaurants, hotels, catering and other foodservice businesses. Thermodyne’s patented Fluid Shelf technology ensures even heat distribution and precise temperature control, resulting in better food quality, safety and shelf life. Thermodyne offers a range of products, from countertop warmers and steamers to full-size ovens and cabinets, that can meet any foodservice need. Join Aaron Bremer where he shares his journey. 

Title: Utilizing Technology for Enhanced Food Service: Thermodyne Foodservice


The advent of technology has revamped countless industries, and the restaurant sector is no exception. The Restaurant Technology Guys podcast aims to help restaurant owners understand how they can leverage technology to streamline their operations. In this podcast episode, the host, Jeremy Julian, delves into an interesting conversation with Aaron Bremer – Director of Sales for Thermodyne Food Service Products.

How Thermodyne Products Assist in Food Services

During the podcast, Aaron gives detailed insight into Thermodyne’s offerings. Thermodyne specializes in developing an array of equipment which makes restaurant operations smoother and more efficient.

Their prime product is a cooking cabinet that maintains a specific temperature in order to cook and hold food effectively. This seemingly simple device is a gamechanger for restaurants as it can maintain the quality of the food to be served while maximizing efficiency in the kitchen.

Aaron also talks about how Thermodyne evolved from making holding cabinets to cooking cabinets. Offering more than just heating shelves, Thermodyne has adapted its technology to meet various food service needs like chilling, holding, or cooking. All these products adhere to the same principle of maintaining a precise temperature.

Dispelling the Doubts on Machine Vs Chef

One of the intriguing parts of Jeremy’s interaction with Aaron comes when they address a commonly held belief among many Chefs – no machine can cook prime rib as perfectly as they can. Aaron counters this belief, explaining how Thermodyne’s cooking cabinet simplifies the process, guarantees consistency, and may even yield a better product. He effectively breaks down the traditional method of cooking prime rib, highlighting potential issues relating to temperature inconsistencies, and even simple forgetting. With Thermadyne’s solution, all this stress can be eliminated.

As a trained chef himself, Aaron is uniquely positioned to connect with other culinary professionals and assure them of Thermodyne’s product efficacy. He emphasizes that their equipment can enable chefs to cook and hold food items like prime ribs with better yield, consistency, and quality.

The Thermodyne Difference

What truly sets Thermodyne apart, Aaron explains, is its use of smart technology and minimal heat dispersion. The newer models come equipped with a touchscreen smart-controller that can transition from cooking temperature to holding temperature. This consistency offers incredible benefits to food service operations – from maintaining the quality of food to reducing energy costs significantly.

Thermodyne also offers dual purpose units that are essentially cooking cabinets with refrigerator condensers attached. These are perfect for establishments such as hospitals or nursing homes that serve high volumes of meals every day. For these businesses, Thermodyne’s solutions not only cut down cooking and prepping times but are also cost-effective.


Embracing technology does not mean casting aside the art and craft of cooking. Quite the contrary, products like Thermodyne’s offer unsurpassed support to culinary experts and food service operations, helping them maintain their passion for great food while offering efficiency and quality that ensures customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, it’s apparent from Jeremy and Aaron’s discussion that the right technology, like Thermodyne’s cooking and holding cabinet, can elevate the cooking and service process in restaurants. With the aim of helping restaurants achieve more with less stress, Thermodyne is indeed revolutionizing the world of food service.