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216. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 216 – Revolutionizing Temporary Cold Storage: The Polar Leasing Story

January 22, 2024

Welcome back to The Restaurant Technology Guys podcast. We are excited to share the story of Polar Leasing, a company that has been transforming the world of temporary cold storage. In this blog post, we will dive into the details of what Polar Leasing does, the unique applications of their temporary cold storage units, and how they have revolutionized the industry. Join us as we explore the backstory, the process, and the success stories of Polar Leasing.

Section 1: Introducing Duane Waterman and Polar Leasing

  • Duane Waterman, a representative from Polar Leasing, joins us on the podcast to talk about the company.
  • Polar Leasing is a Midwest-based company that specializes in renting temporary cold storage units across the country.
  • Duane explains that they offer walk-in cooler and freezer units in various sizes, which are dual temperature and electric powered.
  • The units can be changed from cooler to freezer temperature as required, making them versatile for different storage needs.

Section 2: The Backstory of Polar Leasing

  • Polar Leasing’s parent company, Polar King, has been in the industry for about 30 years, designing all-fiberglass seamless cooler freezer units.
  • These units are designed to free up storage space inside buildings by placing the units outside the facility.
  • Due to the demand for smaller units, Polar Leasing was established to provide temporary cold storage solutions.
  • The company has experienced significant growth since its inception, expanding its services and customer base.

Section 3: The Applications of Temporary Cold Storage

  • Duane highlights the unique use cases for Polar Leasing’s temporary cold storage units.
  • They cater to food pantries, churches, and organizations that distribute food during the holidays.
  • The units are commonly used to store turkeys, hams, and other perishable items.
  • The flexibility and mobility of these units make them ideal for special events, food festivals, and disaster areas.
  • Polar Leasing serves mobile kitchen companies that require additional cold storage alongside their kitchens.

Section 4: The Process of Renting a Unit

  • Duane explains that the process of renting a unit from Polar Leasing is fast and efficient.
  • The lead time for delivery is usually one to three business days, depending on the location.
  • The units are delivered by depots located across the country, and they take care of both delivery and pickup.
  • Customers can choose rental periods starting from one week, with the option to extend the rental as needed.

Section 5: The Advantages of Polar Leasing’s Units

  • One of the key advantages of Polar Leasing’s units is their seamless construction using fiberglass.
  • The seamless design ensures better insulation, reducing operating costs and improving efficiency.
  • The units hold the cold in longer and release less air, resulting in significant cost savings for customers.
  • Compared to gas-powered units, the electric-powered units offered by Polar Leasing are quieter and safer to enter.

Section 6: Innovations and Future possibilities

  • Duane mentions that Polar Leasing is constantly exploring new innovations and solutions.
  • They are currently working on a monitoring system for their units, which would provide real-time temperature monitoring and alerting.
  • While the monitoring system is not currently offered to customers, it is utilized by the company’s service department for quick response in case of any issues.
  • Duane emphasizes that Polar Leasing aims to provide the best customer experience in terms of service and product quality.

Polar Leasing has revolutionized the landscape of temporary cold storage with its innovative solutions and customer-centric approach. From seamless construction and efficient operation to fast delivery and flexible rental periods, Polar Leasing caters to a wide range of industries and events. Whether it’s a restaurant in need of temporary storage during renovations or a special event requiring additional cold storage, Polar Leasing offers a reliable and cost-effective solution. Visit their website at to learn more and experience the convenience of their temporary cold storage units.

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