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225. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 225 – Revolutionizing Inventory Management in the Hospitality Industry with Nomad-Go

March 25, 2024

In any restaurant, inventory management plays a pivotal role in seamless operations. However, conducted traditionally, it can be time-consuming and prone to errors. That’s where Nomad-Go steps in. In this blog post, as Jeremy Julian converses with David Greschler, the Co-founder and CEO of Nomad-Go, we explore how this company is transforming the inventory management of the food service industry with its innovative technology.

The Genesis of Nomad-Go

Nomad-Go brings the future to inventory count. The co-founder, David Greschler, merged his lifelong passion for computers with a commitment to address the primary challenges of inventory counting: its inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Nomad-Go harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify inventory management tasks, make them faster and more accurate.

Building a Comprehensive Inventory Solution

The Nomad-Go app, compatible with iPhone or iPad, is designed to scan any inventory environment swiftly with nearly 99% accuracy. From Metro shelves packed with various items to walk-in fridges, the app adapts to any environment.

Upon scanning, the app uses computer vision to identify the items in the inventory – whether it’s ketchup, lemonade, or anything else. The spatial intelligence of the app recognizes the volume of each item, giving users precise and instant feedback. The system operates Edge AI, meaning all the inference work gets done on the device, lightening the network load.

Improving Efficiency

Integrating Nomad-Go into the inventory count process reduces time taken in managing stock and simplifies daily operations. With its innovative technology, the company aims to make the inventory count a hassle-free and, perhaps, an enjoyable task.

The flexibility of Nomad-Go is displayed as it caters to different inventory scenarios – from standard ordering necessities, preparation for make lines to more complex processes like capacity planning.

Addressing Real-time Challenges

While the automation of the inventory count process greatly simplifies tasks, the need for human intervention remains. Whether it’s dealing with substitutions of items or rectifying any inconsistencies during the process, the human-touch remains invaluable.

Nomad-Go understands the importance of this human role and has built-in features for manual adjustments. This real-world flexibility allows for an effective inventory system that accounts for all unpredictable scenarios within the restaurant environment.

Integrating Nomad-Go into Existing Systems

A big advantage is that Nomad-Go plays well with existing inventory systems. Whether it’s sending data to these systems or reconciling forecast to actual numbers, the app can do it seamlessly.

The Vision for Nomad-Go

David Greschler’s vision for Nomad-Go extends further than being an application, he aspires for it to become the ‘Google of counting’ – irreplaceable and indispensable. As the company grows, Greschler sees the technology moving beyond the food service sector and into spaces like retail and healthcare.

In conclusion, Nomad-Go stands at the forefront of inventory management enhancement. Through its innovative AI-based system, it promises to boost efficiency, accuracy, and overall inventory control for businesses, thereby reducing food waste and optimizing profit margins. The integration of Nomad-Go marks a step into the future of the food service industry, bringing paper and pencil inventory counting methods into the realm of obsolescence.

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