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Is Now The Time To Upgrade Your POS Systems?

March 26, 2018

When was the last time you upgraded the POS system at your restaurant? Have you been thinking that now may be an appropriate time to upgrade? Well, you are not alone.


According to Starfleet Research’s latest industry research, nearly one-quarter (24 percent) of restaurant owners and operators who have not upgraded their core restaurant management and POS system within the past three years plan to do so in the next 12 months. The research is based on a Q3 2017 survey of 179 restaurant executives.


Say you’ve had the same POS system for the past three years plus, why change now? Why even think of it?


Because priorities have changed.


Restaurants need to offer an efficient, smooth and digital solution for today’s market. Customers do not want to linger or wait around. If you cannot offer what they need, there is a competitor down the street who can. And Starfleet’s research speaks to the desire of why restaurants are choosing now to upgrade: greater efficiencies for their back-of-house operations. And in addition, finding creative ways to bolster customer satisfaction.


POS systems are becoming smarter, while decreasing costs and increasing revenue for your restaurant. Next-generation solutions ranging from predictive order management software (for projecting demand and reducing waste) to loyalty management programs (wherein guests can manage their own reward accounts), equips restaurants with the tools to be more effective and satisfy the desires of their customers on a more consistent basis.


Also, there are technology solution providers out there that are unveiling countless additional enhancements to existing platform capabilities, all at an accelerated pace. And increasingly, restaurant operators are seeking to leverage the benefits of these solutions to their advantage.


For example, the NorthStar Order Entry System is the hospitality industry’s first tablet-based multi mode ordering solution. It is the only tablet software that delivers and integrates multiple ordering modes:


  • POS – staff-facing orders.
  • Guest – customer ordering at table.
  • Kiosk – pre-order from your lobby.
  • Web – online ordering.
  • Mobile – wireless device ordering.

Is Now The Time To Upgrade Your POS Systems - Restaurant Technology Guys

NorthStar gives operators to power and ease to edit menus, add items, track actual and forecasted data in real-time, from anywhere. All thanks to their enterprise, cloud-based content management system. You can pull real-time analytical data to help make staffing, ordering and seating decisions on the fly. You and your customers can also rest easy knowing that their personal information is safe with NorthStar’s EMV capability and security encryption capabilities.


With all that NorthStar has to offer, owners can create the exact experience each customer wants with less wait times. Your restaurant could experience up to 30% more table turns, meaning more tips for your waiters and a healthier bottom line.


Which leads us to this fact: 79 percent of restaurant operators believe that advanced technologies are key to not only addressing many of their current challenges, but also to catapulting their businesses to ever-higher levels of operational performance and guest satisfaction on an ongoing basis.


So, should you upgrade your POS system or invest in one? The answer is up to you. But, now is one of the best and advantageous times to do so.


If you are interested in upgrading your POS system, schedule a demo with our friends, Custom Business Solutions, and see how the NorthStar Order Entry System can help you!

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