Jeremy Julian

MURTEC 2017 Preview

March 3, 2017

The Guys are coming up on their third stop of the tour! This time around, we will be at Hospitality Technology’s 22nd Annual Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference (MURTEC) on March 9 at the RIO All Suite Hotel & Casino. The conference starts on the 7th but we will not be in attendance until the 9th.


At the conference, both Ryan and Jeremy will be attendance so you can ask them any questions at the CBS booth!


The Keynote address will cover Digital Leadership: How to Succeed in a WiFi World. It is going to be a great topic about utilizing all the data we have access to. And honestly, a lot of people may not even know the power they have in their hands. Data is a powerful tool and can help your business thrive. By looking into customer, website and/or ordering data, you can look into habits of your customers and users. Do you have great website or app traffic but no conversions? Why are people falling off and not converting? These are the questions data can help answer.


How much are you spending on Inventory? How often are your deliveries? Are you running out of items and throwing away others? By using a system to track usage habits, a restaurant can be more productive, all while cutting waste costs.


So be sure to listen to the keynote speakers and stop by the CBS booth to say hello! We would love to see you all and chat. Can’t wait to see everyone at MURTEC!


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