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POS Features Every Restaurant Needs

December 13, 2018

POS systems are becoming smarter, while decreasing costs and increasing revenue for your restaurant. Next-generation solutions ranging from predictive order management software (for projecting demand and reducing waste) to loyalty management programs (wherein guests can manage their own reward accounts), equips restaurants with the tools to be more effective and satisfy the desires of their customers on a more consistent basis.


For example, the NorthStar Order Entry System is the hospitality industry’s first tablet-based multi mode ordering solution. It is the only tablet software that delivers and integrates multiple ordering modes:


  • POS – staff-facing orders.
  • Guest – customer ordering at table.
  • Kiosk – pre-order from your lobby.
  • Web – online ordering.
  • Mobile – wireless device ordering.


NorthStar gives operators to power and ease to edit menus, add items, track actual and forecasted data in real-time, from anywhere. All thanks to their enterprise, cloud-based content management system. You can pull real-time analytical data to help make staffing, ordering and seating decisions on the fly. You and your customers can also rest easy knowing that their personal information is safe with NorthStar’s EMV capability and security encryption capabilities.


With all that NorthStar has to offer, owners can create the exact experience each customer wants with less wait times. Your restaurant could experience up to 30% more table turns, meaning more tips for your waiters and a healthier bottom line.


Which leads us to this fact: 79 percent of restaurant operators believe that advanced technologies are key to not only addressing many of their current challenges, but also to catapulting their businesses to ever-higher levels of operational performance and guest satisfaction on an ongoing basis.


Why are we going over this?


Because, investment in a smart and innovative system will unify front of house, back office and kitchen operations. Specialized software features offer complete command of all areas of the business. Modern POS systems are adept at streamlining a multitude of hospitality operations – from QSR to fine dining. So how do you choose the best for your business? Let’s take a look at the must-have management POS features and their proven benefits.


Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty
What does this feature do? POS systems now connect businesses with your customers on a whole new level. By building your own CRM database you’ll have access to valuable customer data. Built-in features help you manage your email marketing campaigns, customize offers and personalize promotions based on customer behavior.


Why you need it: Turning your attention to customer loyalty is paramount in hospitality – and technology is here to help. Tracking spending habits will help adapt promotions for a seamless omni-channel customer experience. According to Como, developer of white-label loyalty apps, using a customer engagement platform can increase customer spending by up to 41 percent.


Staff and Rota Management
What does this feature do? Hospitality businesses tend to have a high staff turnover so keeping track of your staff is essential. You can do this with ease using a POS system, even across multiple locations. A smart POS system will also give you insights into performance and HR budgets with granular business reports.


Key benefits: Build an organized staff database, set shift patterns, track attendance and send staff notifications – all from one system. The obvious benefits would be increased productivity and better communication with your staff.

Stock Management
What does this feature do? One of the most important tools, but often overlooked, is stock management. This type of POS feature will help you keep one centralized product catalogue. Smart POS systems even allow you to set up management alerts and one-click re-ordering when an item is running low.

What does this feature do: A good POS system will give you access to valuable data and reporting tools. To make the most of these, look out for systems with customization and file exporting options to give you the most flexibility. Business reports can be generated for any business data, from sales and marketing to HR and reservations. Many systems now offer access to your business data remotely, via a web portal.


Key benefits: You’ll be able to gain insights into trends and business performance in relation to your goals. Remote access is extremely helpful for business owners and managers who are often required to make fast, but well informed business decisions.


All restaurants should benefit from these great technological innovations, driven by the need to streamline everyday business processes. Businesses that are adaptable and take advantage of the digital power from data insights result in growing sales, customer retention and reduced business costs.


What POS features help your restaurant the most? Be sure to leave a comment on our Facebook and/or Twitter page!


Serious about updating your POS? Check out the Northstar POS system to improve the power and effectiveness of your restaurant!


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