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Tag : how to handle drunk people at your bar or restaurant

How to Deal with Intoxicated Patrons on St. Patrick’s Day

February 25, 2015

St. Paddy’s Day is approaching! Is your restaurant or bar breaking out the plastic leprechaun hats and prepping the green beer and shamrock-shaped cookies? How about that faithful tradition, corned beef and cabbage? (Side note: it’s not really Irish.) Most of all, are you preparing yourself and your staff for the potentially rowdy St. Patrick’s Day crowd? Lucky you! Let’s be honest: drunk people can be entertaining…in other people’s establishments. They can invite trouble that you don’t want any part of – fights, property damage, and legal liability for over-serving, to name a few of the risks associated with not properly handling your intoxicated patrons. So protect yourself and your restaurant or bar this St. Patrick’s Day, and let’s keep it classy while ensuringContinue Reading …

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