Jeremy Julian

109. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 109 – Using Televisions in your restaurant to make more money

February 15, 2021

Join Jeremy and Mike Kelly where they talk about how to retain guests for longer using an asset you already have in your location, your TV’s. Check them out here.

You may know Atmosphere from their flagship channel CHIVE TV in over 12,000 bars and restaurants worldwide. Atmosphere is now home to 42 content channels from the likes of RedBullTV, XGames TV, BeachBumTV and of course CHIVE TV built specifically for business use on the idea of what are people watching at your bar or restaurant when they’re not watching sports? Proven to keep your customers smiling, sitting, eating, drinking, and spending more money! AtmosphereTV is now 100% Free for any listeners of the podcast by using the code TECHGUYS at checkout or by using the link in the show notes. For any further questions contact Mike Kelly at Mike.Kelly@Atmosphere.Tv or visit !

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