Jeremy Julian

170. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 170 – Get Full Visibility of Your Back of House with APICBase

March 20, 2023

Join Jeremy and Carl Jacobs, the CEO of Apicbase, where they talk back-of-house and why this is critical for a restaurant’s bottom line.

Carl helps restaurant chains and dark kitchens to automate time-consuming back-of-house operations such as inventory & procurement in order to make them more profitable. 

In this episode Jeremy and Carl talk about: 

  • The gap between actual and theoretical food cost, and how to close it
  • How a restaurant group lost 1 million dollars because of inventory variance and how they solved it
  • Why data-driven optimization of your back of house will be at the forefront of restaurant digitalization 
  • Why you need software when you start scaling your restaurant business

To download Carl’s ebook on Digital Transformation in the Restaurant industry, follow this link : 

For a Full Transcript of the Show Click Here

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