Jeremy Julian

169. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 169 – Bright Loom, a Customer Centric CDP (Customer Data Platform)

March 6, 2023

Join Jeremy and Kellie the CEO of Brightloom where they talk Customer Data Platforms and why they are critical for restaurants.

Kellie spends her days speaking with restaurant leaders on how to build and scale loyalty programs. In addition to sharing the latest from Brightloom, she can explore:

  • What’s new with restaurant loyalty programs – CX in restaurants has evolved from punch cards to fully digitized loyalty programs; Kellie can share examples of what’s keeping customers engaged in the wake of a tumultuous economic landscape.
  • Current and impending challenges facing restaurant CX – From inflation to continued staffing shortages, restaurant operations face unique headwinds during the final months of the year and into 2023.
  • How data science is transforming restaurant menus – From ghost kitchens to 3PD, consumers have more restaurant options than ever; industry leaders are looking to leverage customer data to better inform the menu du jour.

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