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Mobile Payments: Research and Case Study

April 27, 2016

Today, we wrap up our three-week series about mobile payments. If you missed our previous articles, click on the links to join the conversation: Mobile Payments: The Basics Mobile Payments: Security, operations and branding opportunities In our final part, we are going to show the figures and facts from recent research about the growth track that mobile payments are currently on. And lastly, we are going to take a look at Panera and their 2.0 initiative which focused on the idea of ‘rapid pickup’ and how adding mobile payment and other mobile capabilities have greatly improved their service, business and brand. Let’s get started! Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, predicts that money spent in stores byContinue Reading …

Mobile Payments: Security, operations and branding opportunities

April 13, 2016

In part two of our three-part series about mobile payments, we will focus on the security of mobile pay as well as the operation and branding opportunities this technology can give your restaurant. It is our goal to expose the falsehoods and present the truths about mobile payments and share helpful information that could make your restaurant/business leaner and more competitive. What has been keeping you from adding the capability to accept mobile payments? If you missed out on our first article about the basics of mobile payments, click on the link to get up to speed and join in on the conversation. Using mobile payments are not safe for me or the consumer. FALSE. Mobile payments can also deter fraud in ways EMVContinue Reading …

5 Things you need to know about mobile payments

April 9, 2016

Today, we are excited to start our new three-part series about mobile/digital payments! The first article will focus on the basics, the big picture, so to speak, about mobile payments. We will answer questions like what are mobile payments, is it safe, why are people using it and more. The second article in the series will take a deeper dive into the security, operational affects and the branding opportunities that lie within mobile payment capabilities. Our last article will culminate with research about the growth potential and acceptance of mobile payments, as well as a case study about Panera’s 2.0 initiative and push towards mobile payments and technology-based service. In this three-week series, you will travel down the rabbit hole of mobile payments withContinue Reading …

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