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224. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 224 – Understanding Instant Financial: Innovating in Fintech and Disrupting Payroll Practices with CEO Tal Clark

March 18, 2024

An Introduction to Instant Financial

Instant Financial is a leader in the FinTech industry, transforming age-old financial practices and uncomplicating payroll systems. In a recent podcast, Jeremy Julian interviewed Tal Clark, CEO of Instant Financial. They discussed the company’s solutions, features and impact in the restaurant industry. They talked about the importance of facilitating access to earned wages and tips and how Instant Financial is helping democratize finances.

Breaking Down Financial Barriers

The financial landscape, particularly in the restaurant industry, often presents challenges for employees. One significant challenge is traditionally bi-weekly or monthly paycheck cycles, leaving those living paycheck-to-paycheck in limbo.

Clark introduced Instant Financial’s solution to this problem by providing access to earned wages on demand. He argues that allowing employee’s access to their earnings when they want it would offer a way to address potential emergencies and avoid resorting to unfavorable options like payday loans, borrowing from family or friends, working extra shifts, or selling personal belongings.

Demystifying FinTech

When the conversation turned to FinTech, a term often misunderstood or misapplied, Clark provided a simple yet effective definition. In his words, FinTech is about “using technology in the financial space to enable access, for consumers and businesses, and improve the way that people receive and send payments.”

Embracing a Change in Payroll Practices

Instant Financial’s solutions are all about providing employees with access to their earnings in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This includes both earned wages and tips. For earned wages, Instant Financial provides offers to the employees based on hours worked that they can choose to accept via the Instant app.

For tips, the methodology is different, as 100% of the tips are available for payout. The management of tip distribution to each employee is straightforward. The company uses census data to identify who has earned a share of the tips, and a simple allocation process ensures the right staff member gets their fair share.

Looking Ahead

Instant Financial is ambitious about moving away from traditional payroll systems and replacing them with more flexible and friendly solutions. Today, we are witnessing how Gen Z and Millennial populations are turning to ‘neo-banks’ like Cash App and Chime for convenience and freedom. As Clark mentions, these new banks are the “fastest growers” in terms of account openings. That being said, products like Instant Financial serve as an important transition point from traditional payroll to on-demand payroll systems.

Final Takeaways

Instant Financial is at the forefront of a significant shift in payroll and tipping practices. Their solutions not only offer financial relief to employees living paycheck to paycheck but are also driving an essential change in how we perceive and handle payroll systems, making them more efficient, equitable, and user friendly.

The future of payroll and wage access is evolving, and it’s companies like Instant Financial that are leading the charge. As the traditional models of wage distribution continue to phase out, it’s an exciting time to witness the rise of such innovating, empowering solutions. In the wide ocean of financial choices, Instant Financial surely stands out as a beacon for positive change.

Check them out at Earned Wage Access, Free of Fees | Instant Financial

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