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7 New Technology Trends In The Restaurant Industry

March 11, 2019

The consumer society must continually adapt itself to the needs of the customer. With this, it must incorporate new technologies to offer options based on better service, faster and higher quality.

One of the greatest exponents of technological advancement is the restaurant industry. That the dinner feels as comfortable as is possible, is one of their greatest concerns, so applications are developed to help attract more customers.

But it doesn’t just focus on the client. Better management of the business will make the product much more profitable.

1.Free WIFI Zone

One of the technological tendencies that a modern restaurant must have, almost obligatorily, is the free WIFI service. No one leaves home without a smartphone in their pocket or purse, let alone for dinner. It is fashionable to take pictures of the dishes you eat, especially if they are well presented, have c4 pre workout 60 servings, chat by some messaging service or check your email.

Spending your data rate and raising the monthly rate is not pleasant, so a customer will always appreciate if the restaurant has a free WIFI area.


  1. Automated Purchasing-tool

This application is useful when it comes to efficient inventory management in a restaurant.

For example, in the bar service, we have among the alcohols Courvoisier, a celebrated cognac, and in each service, two or three bottles of this precious liqueur are consumed. Well, the automated purchasing tool will be programmed so that when the minimum number of bottles left in the restaurant’s cellar is marked, the order is automatically placed with the supplier.

Purchasing management and inventory are connected, so you’ll never make the mistake of running out of stock.


3.Bluetooth Temperature-sensors

A quality whisky such as Dalmore must be served at the right temperature if you want to savor its entire bouquet. A well-cooked steak should be served on a plate that is at least 45 degrees. You can’t be continuously monitoring the temperature of everything, it’s very laborious.

For this purpose, temperature sensors have been created which are connected to the software via Bluetooth. From the restaurant management computer, you can program, with Swiss precision, the temperature of each element of your refrigerators, freezer or the same workspaces or room.


  1. Kiosks/tabletop tablets

Large screens, like giant tablets, have become fashionable in many restaurants, where you can combine the menu of your choice. This turns out to be a new experience for the consumer, who is not anchored to the traditional paper letter.

But it is not only useful for the customers, but the manager can also play with the menus, change them from a computer, without having to spend time and money on employees or printing continuously. In addition, you can expand your offer. For example, if on the dessert menu you have the Tesco chocolate Biscuits brand, you can play with a new variety every day.


  1. Online Reservations

Another application that has revolutionized the world of catering is that of online reservations. Just download from the Play Store or the Apple Store one of the thousands of applications that allows you to make reservations, without having to call or physically present yourself at the restaurant to reserve your table.

These applications, in many cases, are only from the restaurant. In other occasions, they are inside a general application that looks for the restaurant that you want, only configuring the filters that you want. Once the reservation has been made, the software is connected to the restaurant, which can then manage the tables more effectively.


6.Optimized Schedule-makers/scheduling Software

For better management of the restaurant, there is software that optimizes all the work to be done, in phases. The chef can measure working times to make the dishes he creates more profitable, the room manager can organize the waiters; shifts in such a way that he distributes breaks and vacations properly, thus multiplying the performance of the employees and, consequently, increasing the company’s profit.

A restaurant is totally dependent on the number of customers who come to the service every day. Sometimes service is unpredictable, so such applications help minimize the risk of loss.


  1. Customize your Orders

We must point out that they are not only software or applications. The same suppliers are also being modernized. For example, Personalised Chocolates, in its online shop, allows you to customize the type of chocolates according to the event that the restaurant has booked, or simply make the menu of chocolates to become exclusive.

This tool enables the restaurant manager to place orders in less time and in a more exact way, which will always have an impact on the final benefit of the menu to be prepared.

As we have seen, not everything is a tradition. Optimization tools such as these can be perfectly merged, if desired, with traditional processing. They serve as support and management aid and are very useful in the day-to-day business of catering.


Author’s Bio:

Rebecca is a blogger who loves to write in different verticals. She co-authored Supercharge Organic Traffic: A popular course focusing on Organic Traffic for Ecommerce. Her hobbies are traveling and reading.

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