Jeremy Julian

How to Make Your Food Service Mobile-Friendly

June 15, 2022

It’s time to order a meal for pickup, and your customer is looking forward to feasting on their favorite appetizer and main course. But there are many problems with your online ordering app. Right at checkout, the app glitches, and it stops loading. Your customer goes back to the main menu only to find that everything they ordered has been erased, and they have to start from scratch.

How annoying! This kind of frustration causes this customer to quit and look for another restaurant that is easier to order from. Even though your food is great, they are hungry NOW and don’t want to waste more time.

If your app doesn’t work in 2022, you’re going to fall behind. The truth is that more people are ordering food online than ever — and even more are using their phones to do it. Don’t miss out on this income steam by optimizing your app to make it mobile-friendly.

This simple but crucial step will make or break your bottom line as the competition to give the best experience reigns in the restaurant industry. Optimizing your app will make your food service mobile-friendly, which offers many benefits.

Optimized Apps Work Better on Mobile — Which Keeps Customers Coming Back

Loyal customers are able to deal with some occasional setbacks, but a single mistake can make a bad impression on a new one. By eliminating or reducing the mishaps that can happen with your app, you increase your chance of retaining customers.

But a functional app that has a menu that is easy to navigate is just the beginning. You should also streamline your online ordering app and make it intuitive for your customers to fill out. Choosing the right service to make your app makes all the difference in how professional and functional your app will be. Sounds simple but it really does make a difference!

Better Apps Increase Your Profits Through Higher Mobile Ordering Rates

Restaurants do far more than in-person seating service now. Since the pandemic, more people than ever have gotten used to takeout as another dining option. When you have an app that is up-to-date to the customer’s expectations, you can reap the most profits through both takeout and in-person dining. 

Giving customers the ability to name allergies, select sides, or customize their order through the app also saves you and your staff time through fewer phone calls.This keeps everyone on task and not stretching your crew too thin.

Does your restaurant provide a smooth mobile experience? As our world becomes increasingly more mobile, more people are ordering on their phones. Don’t wait too long to play catch up!

Serious about updating your POS? Check out the Northstar POS system to improve the power and effectiveness of your restaurant!

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