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Increase Profits by Improving Your Menu Descriptions

October 7, 2016

At too many restaurants, menu descriptions are nothing more than a plain list of a dish’s ingredients.

How boring is that? Your restaurant is a place where people come together. They are looking for an experience. A menu with this glorified shopping list detracts from the overall experience each of your dishes provides. Good descriptions can set your establishment apart, take your food out of the realm of being a commodity, and lead to higher profits.

Menu Profits Photo Credit: Food Network

Photo Credit: Food Network

Did you know that customers spend an average of just 90 seconds to choose what they want to eat? By placing the most important information in your dish’s description up front you allow customers to skim a greater portion of your overall offerings, thus giving them the ability to order a larger number of items or order faster. Do you know how to deal with ingredients that most customers are not familiar with? Description length? Do you know the pros and cons of using photographs to help describe your menu items?

To answer such questions, our friends over at Menu Cover Depot worked with long-time menu engineer Gregg Rapp to create a how-to guide that presents a set of best practices that restaurant owners can follow to create strong descriptions. When done right, your descriptions will look nothing like what your customers see from your competition.

You can check out that post here.

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