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More Restaurants Jump On the Food Delivery Train

September 12, 2018

We have talked about food delivery on this blog a couple times:


Our goal was to give our readers a heads-up that delivery is the next frontier because it will soon become the standard. Well, looks like there are an increasing amount of big names jumping on the delivery train.


Let’s take Denny’s as an example. Their partnership with with Amazon continues to blossom. The full-service family-dining chain, which in March introduced Amazon Alexa voice ordering, has expanded its relationship with the e-commerce giant by adding delivery through Amazon Restaurants.


(Hey, remember this article we wrote: Amazon Is Getting Into Delivery: Should Restaurants Be Worried?)


Amazon’s food delivery arm is part of a handful of third-party delivery operators such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub and Postmates. And all are vying for dominance in the doorstep meal-delivery marketplace. The Amazon partnership builds on the company’s year-old Denny’s on Demand platform, which allows diners in about half of the chain’s more than 1,700 restaurants to order food 24 hours a day using a variety of digital services. Various digital platforms under Denny’s On Demand have generated more than 3 million orders to date, Denny said.


“As our guests continue to seek convenient ways to enjoy their Denny’s favorites, delivery has become increasingly important and the addition of Amazon Restaurants brings another delivery option to our platform,” CMO John Dillon said in a statement.


Denny’s isn’t the only full-service family-dining chain entering the delivery game. After testing delivery with different providers, IHOP is now partnering with DoorDash on delivery. About 300 of the chain’s 1,650 restaurants now offer delivery through DoorDash in 22 states. The company expects to make an additional 600 to 700 IHOP restaurants available for delivery by the end of the year.


So, if you haven’t thought about offering delivery, now is the time to make that decision. More and more businesses are offering this service. Soon, customers will expect this to be the standard. Will you be left out?


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