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The Rosé Revolution: How Your Restaurant Can Capitalize

April 4, 2018

Rosé wine, aka, summer water, aka, nectar of the gods, is selling at a BOOMING rate. According to a 2017 Nielson report, rosé, which represents a mere 1.5% of the U.S. table wine market, climbed 53% by volume to sales of $258 million. And that is in an overall category that is only growing at a 4% rate.


Rosé, has shown robust growth potential over the past year and is outpacing overall US wine growth, a trend that will ramp up during the summer months thanks to the pink drinks light and versatile appeal, says Nielson. And another interesting tid-bit, is that rosé shoppers are increasingly adding more white wines, such as chardonnay and white zinfandel, to their baskets compared to a year ago.


Looking at the demographic drivers, 40% of rosé wine consumers are females aged 21-34 who are regular social media users. Since rosé has a heavy skew towards the millennial generation, male and female, owners and operators have a rare opportunity to target a market they have been struggling to communicate with.


The Rose Wine Revolution - The Restaurant Technology Guys


How can you capitalize on this rosé-all-day craze?


Aside from the obvious, buy and offer more rosé on the menu, put some effort and have fun with it! Having fun and being casual is the spirit and embodiment of rosé.


  • Like beer, offer tasting flights highlighting rosé wines from across the world: France, Spain, Napa, Argentina.


  • If your restaurant offers brunch, try a special rosé brunch featuring select rosé champagne/sparkling wine.


  • The most crucial step to take is using social media to its fullest. Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, whatever you use, spread the word and USE IMAGES. Rosé is a beautiful and visually appealing drink. Everyone love’s the hue and that is why hashtags like #RoséAllDay, #Rosé and #SlayThenRosé all trend on social media.


As we stated before, this popularity not only extends to rosé, so be on the lookout for the rise in Chardonnays, Rieslings, Sauvignon Blancs and other dry/semi-sweet white wines.


Pop the cork, its wine time!


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