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Wireless POS. Is it right for your restaurant?

September 13, 2013

  Wireless is all the over the news and people are starting to expect to have wireless everywhere. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is even trying to find a way for everyone to have free Internet everywhere ( .  With the emergence of the mobile devices in your pocket, its no wonder there is so much talk about how to deploy a wireless solution into your restaurant. There are some big advantages to having mobile deployed in your restaurant. Speed  of Service – Food and drink orders go immediately to the kitchen and bar saving the time it takes for a server to get back to a fixed POS terminal. Quality of Service – No chance the server will forget what was to be ordered.Continue Reading …

Encore Webinar: What’s the Deal with iPad POS? Thursday, Sept. 19 @ 10 a.m. PDT

September 13, 2013

Join us for an encore webinar about one of the most talked about technology advances of the day — iPad-based POS systems. We’re not just re-playing a recording of the original “What’s the Deal with iPad POS?” webinar presented last month. This is an all-new, fresh discussion. Bring your questions to the lively Q&A session. As a bonus, we will present an extended demonstration of NorthStar Order Entry, the new iPad-based POS system from Custom Business Solutions. Click here to register for “What’s the Deal with iPad POS??

New Webinar Video: Mobile POS – What it can mean for your restaurant.

September 12, 2013

Today we held a new webinar on Mobile POS. Thank you to the many restauranteurs and other industry professionals who turned out for a lively discussion on the benefits of Mobile POS. Here’s a video version of what happened. We welcome feedback on this, and all of our webinars. Let us know your thoughs and what topics you would like The Restaurant Technology Guys to cover in future events. Click Here to see what’s coming soon on the CBS Webinar Schedule.

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