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The Benefits of Using Biometrics in Your Restaurant

April 8, 2015
The Benefits of Biometrics in Your Restaurant

Remember these?

In the hospitality industry, particularly the restaurant biz, loss prevention is a pretty big deal. And it goes beyond just money. Inventory, recipes, food, time – many things are at risk if you have sneaky employees – and those things can add up to big bucks.

Successful and conscientious restaurateurs are very selective with what (and whom) they choose to bring into their establishments. But if you have experienced theft or a security breach in your store, loss prevention is top of mind. Biometrics may be just the thing to eliminate loss due to theft, mistake, or misuse, and provide a quick ROI.

The Benefits of Using Biometrics in Your Restaurant

Biometrics has been around since the 1990s, and like most technology, the longer it’s around, the more 1) it advances and and 2) costs decrease, making it a less-risky-more-affordable option.

With overall advances in restaurant technology (as well as how it streamlines processes, promotes efficiency, increases customer satisfaction, and virtually eliminates server error), biometrics is being introduced into more and more restaurants and makes a perfect compliment to your POS system.

How do biometric devices work?

As opposed to the old key, swipe card, or passcode methods of clocking in and using the register, biometrics uses human characteristics to authenticate users who wish to gain access into computers and security systems. The users’ activity can then be tracked and verified, and mistakes or misuse documented.

The most popular biometric devices used by restaurants are fingerprint readers and hand geometry readers. “Every time an employee clocks in or performs functions on the point-of-sale system, the biometric reader detects and compares it with the stored data, making it impossible for employees to share access.” (source: QSR Magazine)

Restaurateurs cannot deny the benefits of strict record-keeping, employee accountability, and more efficiency in their restaurants. Biometrics also:

  • eliminate the need for manager and shift leader keys – to override a transaction, all that’s needed is their fingerprint
  • eliminate the need for employee swipe cards/usernames and passwords to log in
  • cut down on employees issuing improper discounts and refunds
  • eliminate “buddy punching”; i.e., employees cannot clock in other employees, which has the potential to substantially reduce payroll – some estimate by 10%, all the way up to 30-40%, depending on how much “buddy punching” is done in your restaurant
  • by doing away with “buddy punching”, employees are held accountable to their designated shift hours, and irresponsible employees can be weeded out
  • employees can get credit for the transactions they perform, providing incentives and preventing others from taking credit for someone else’s job well done

The Benefits of Using Biometrics in Your RestaurantAre there any downsides to biometrics in your restaurant?

Short answer: not that we can find. Biometrics are now super affordable and really all they do is benefit you and your company.

Every restaurant owner we’ve heard of who has made this investment has called it a complete no-brainer and wondered how they ever lived without it. See for yourself – install a biometrics system as an add-on to your POS system and see how your business changes. We recommend Crossmatch. (And if you need a POS system as well, we recommend POSitouch.)

Have you experienced the benefits of biometrics? Tell us about it in the Comments section below!

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