Ryan Williams
Jeremy Julian

Is No Reservations The Way To Go?

February 21, 2018

Any restaurant owner knows how frustrating it is when they take the reservation and the customer doesn’t show up. It means revenue loss and an empty seat. Especially, when that seat could have been occupied by paying customer. To combat this problem, some restaurant owners have decided to say do away with taking reservations. Starting in New York somewhere between 2009 and 2010, this trend has gained a steady following.   So, how risky is it to adopt a “no reservation” policy?   To put it bluntly, you must be prepared that some customers will absolutely hate this policy. Since this is a relatively ‘new’ trend, the customers that you will likely alienate are Baby Boomers. But, you have to know that losing aContinue Reading …

Why Firing Customers May Be a Good Thing

February 14, 2018

Owning a restaurant is a tough business. You all know that. The market is ruthless. Just the slightest mistake can lead to losing customers and shutting down. So, owners and operators must think through long and hard before they make major decisions. They are in a constant struggle between making profit and making their customers happy. Sometimes these two things exclude each other. The rule “The customer is always right” is, let’s be honest, questionable and not always right. Restaurant owners often ask themselves if it is acceptable to sometimes say “No” to your customers.   According to some, it is.   Let’s talk reservations. Restaurants have always included the traditional reservation system for their customers. You call or email, the host/hostess or managerContinue Reading …

The Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 039: Should I stop taking cash?

February 12, 2018

Hold up… What? Stop taking cash?? That’s right. Restaurants and retailers are now starting to accept only credit cards and alternative forms of payments! Crazy, right? Maybe not so much… Join Jeremy and Ryan as they discuss everything that is “cashless”: What it means for your restaurant, what are the benefits, and what are the risks? This is a big one!

Sick of Waiting in Line at Airports for Food? There Is An App For That.

February 7, 2018

In today’s world, mobility is extremely important. Traveling by plane is the fastest way to move from one place to another, so it is not a surprise that there are more and more people that use this mean of transportation. If you travel a lot, you are familiar with the problems that come with it.   And one of those problems is food.   There are tons of people at the airport, they all want to eat and there are limited options. Waiting for food or a drink is inevitable. Flights are often canceled or postponed and travelers often have to wait for hours, which is already stressful. If you have to wait in long lines to eat, you can imagine how nerve-racking thatContinue Reading …

How to Start a Restaurant When You Have No Previous Experience

January 31, 2018

We have a special treat for all our readers! Our friend, Lisa Brown from Ekuep, is here to share wonderful advice about starting your first restaurant. Do you remember starting your first restaurant? Did you wish you had some easy and good advice? Well, that is what Lisa is going to provide!   Here is a little tidbit about our special guest: Lisa has been helping her readers in successful business and entrepreneurial strategies for the past 3 years. She currently works with Ekuep, which is the first online store in the Middle East that caters to the food-service industry. It sells kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment, and food service equipment that are made by leading brands from all over the world. These machines andContinue Reading …

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