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BJ’s App Serving Up Convenience and Ease For Customers

June 26, 2014

Mobile commerce has really struck a chord in the mind of consumers these days. We’ve already discussed how people love their cell phones, so why not make your restaurant accessible through an app?  That’s exactly what our friends at BJ’s did.  The team at BJ’s (an upscale casual dining group of restaurants primarily found in the Western US states and Florida) released what they consider to be a game changer for the casual dining industry with their new mobile app. BJ’s was facing several issues when coming up with the app.  First, this chain often sees long waits at many of their stores, a deterrent to some in considering a place to dine. The team also faces strong competition coming out of the fastContinue Reading …

BYOD Webinar

June 24, 2014

If you would like to download a version of the BYOD Webinar Presentation, please click here: BYODWebinar If you would like to view the presentation, please check out the recording on YouTube here.

Custom Business Solutions NorthStar Order Entry Now Available For Windows

June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 For more information contact Ryan Williams at Press Release The world as restaurateurs know is about to change. Custom Business Solutions (CBS), the hospitality industry’s leader in technology, is launching its innovative NorthStar Order Entry sales solution for Windows. Windows users can now experience the industry’s best omnichannel ordering solution. NorthStar Order Entry delivers powerful flexibility through its five ordering methods in one software package. By combining POS, Guest, Kiosk, Mobile, and Web Ordering all from the same platform, hospitality professionals can maximize efficiency and profitability. “This is a tremendous opportunity for both CBS and our customers. With our new Windows 8 platform, we are able to offer increased flexibility to how restaurateurs run their business,” said Art Julian, CEOContinue Reading …

2 BIG Questions Answered When Implementing Web Ordering

June 19, 2014

With so many different web ordering companies out there, how do you choose the correct one for your business?  Which provider is the right provider for your customers?  Should you integrate your web ordering into your point of sale? The list of questions goes on. Below are two of the biggest questions we see come across our desks. 2 Questions Answered When Implementing Web Ordering: 1. How do I choose the correct web ordering provider? Just as you did when choosing a POS (point of sale) provider, you need to look for some references.  Talk to other restaurateurs. Existing customers are going to give you the stripped-down version of what they like, don’t like, and if they would make the purchase again. Get yourContinue Reading …

3 Ways Your POS Works With Online Web

June 5, 2014

You’ve been pumping out some of the best eats in the city for a while now. Your sales are good, but you feel like they could be even better.  In today’s world of convenience, you have to go where the customer is… and the customer is on the Internet. You decide to implement an online ordering solution… But you are now faced with getting the web ordering system to play nicely with your POS system.  Here are three ways that you can get your web ordering to work with your POS system.   Printer Integration – One of the easiest ways to integrate web ordering is to simply send the order from the web to a printer in your restaurant.  Most all of theContinue Reading …

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