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167. Takorean Transcript

January 26, 2023

41:31 Owner: Jeremy Julian SUMMARY KEYWORDS food truck, food, places, korean food, people, restaurant, truck, korean, dc, area, mortar, years, concept, franchise, business, bit, pandemic, brick, longtime listeners, operators SPEAKERS Mike (66%), Jeremy (33%), Intro (1%)  I Intro 0:02 This is the restaurant technology guys podcast, helping you run your restaurant better. JJ Jeremy Julian 0:13 Welcome back to the restaurant technology guys podcast. Thank you to our audience out there for the continued support over the years. It’s been fun continuing to do these, these episodes and get feedback from you guys on social media. And when I see you guys at trade shows, So never be afraid to reach out if you guys have guests that you guys would want to have on or topics that you guys want to make sure that I cover. It’s always fun to talk to restaurant operatorsContinue Reading …

166. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 166 – The new way to create craft cocktails with the founders of Craft Standard

January 23, 2023

Since its launch in 2021, Craft Standard’s non-alcoholic keg mixes and ‘spiker’ technology has exploded, signing more than 70 distributors, winning 700 plus accounts in over 30 states across the country, signing major venues like Metlife Stadium in New York and accounts like Las Vegas’ most recognizable hotel, Luxor. In a year alone, an estimated 2.4 million cocktails have been served, generating roughly $24 million in revenue for the industry.  Born out of a bar for the bar, Craft Standard was developed by methodical twin brothers, Don and William Ray, 25+ year bar industry veterans who run multiple venues in Arkansas. As bar owners, they were frustrated when they couldn’t keep up with demand for classic drink orders. Hence the concept for Craft Standard was born.   After seven years of tinkering, theContinue Reading …

How to Promote Technology Adoption in Restaurants

January 10, 2023

Technology adoption in restaurants has been on the rise in recent years, with many restaurants implementing various technological solutions to improve their operations and customer experience.

165. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 165 – Bounteous, OLO and Jack in the Box talk digital transformation for the brand

January 9, 2023

How do you Join Kevin Rice, EVP of Bounteous, Noah Glass, founder and CEO of OLO and Ryan Ostrom, CMO of Jack in the Box where they talk about the digital transformation journey these partners have been with Jack in the Box for the past two years. For more information, check them out here: Driving Digital Transformation with Co-Innovation | Bounteous, Olo | Enable Digital Hospitality and Jack in the Box.

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